One Night Stand? Casual Sex Etiquette

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT mistake me for an Authority on Sex. Thats All :) Fuck Responsibly

Most people if not everyone have had a "One Night Stand" and more often than not once the guy is finished the female is immediately ejected from his quarters, reason differ in most of these instances. I for one am a person who sleeps in one position throughout the night so me having someone stay over is not that big a deal and come on who doesnt like Wake Up Sex???

NOTE: I'll say it again I don’t really have any idea what the fuck I’m doing 

Anyway, onto the matter at hand. What exactly should take place when one indulges in casual sex and/or one night stands????? Its a given that one should be polite,  manners are manners are get the idea (i believe manners and etiquette go hand in hand basically)  I don’t however believe there are any special rules to how to go about it. Now as i said above some people find a certain bravado in ejecting girls from their places after they’re finished. but unless something goes pretty wrong, I leave it up to her whether she stays the night. I sleep on one side of the bed even when alone. and the morning after is nice sometimes! On the flipside if they are at the females house, there tend to be... "excuses" as to why the man says he has to leave lol

Some girls will insist (beyond an empty gesture) that you not get dressed to accompany them to a cab in the middle of the night (possibly something to do with their independence complex *shrugs* I don't really know). I think that this is beyond ridiculous. my neighbourhood isn’t shady or dangerous (for the most part), but it’s surprisingly hard to find a cab at x:00am. I do not feel comfortable cutting a girl loose at my front door to walk a few blocks alone at night. okay, so that’s kind of a rule, but it’s a no-brainer really.
     A good friend of mine once said that, as a man, whether I have good "one-off" sex is entirely in my control. I'm not convinced, but it’s probably a valid general point that if you don’t ask for or make a move for X, you won’t get X. Nah I'm just kidding, my friends aren't that smart :) but the logic itself is sound.
If you never approach the girl and do a little work you wont get results ie: One Night Stand, Friend With Benefits, The Casual Sex, Blowjob you get the picture right???? Right.

Now you when you traverse the road of casual sex and happen to like how you are fucked by your counterpart, you would typically try to ensure that they enjoy it as well in order for the encouter to replay it self in the future....right??? Exactly . Therein you have some people who while the sex is going on you hear this annoying sound (sometimes) escaping there mouths... "Does it feel good", "Do you like that" and the regular onslaught of 20 questions throughout the session. Now im not saying thats not a good thing but after a while, it tends to get annoying. What you should be doing is reading the body languange. Thats all you have to do. If they like then trust me, the body WILL speak. If they dont well sucks to be you. Ladies, suck his cock, males suck her pussy enjoy the fuck. (Drama)

Lastly (since its all I can think of right now), the whole Sharing of ones feeling after sex.....

Eeeehhhhh its oookaaaay...BUT if you and this person not in a relationship and you've already laid the ground rules...and probably signed the contract (which you should have) then the sharing of feeling should be kept to a minimum. Sure its okay as i said but not in excess. No one wants to get pumped up for a quickie, get a load off prepare to cuddle and sleep and get a barrage of feelings shot their way. Thats just not nice, playing on someones conciousness like that. What kind of monster are you to do such a thing?????

SIDENOTE: I’m pretty surprised at how many women just don’t keep condoms around. Its such a little thing that literally takes up no space at all (In those monstrous bags you carry around) so whats so hard in tucking one or two of them away in there for when horniness and dick collide to form the perfect opportuniy for you to have a little fun??? In my case, if i go to a woman's house i would be more than happy if she had a draw stuffed full of condoms. Because it says to me that even if she fucks quite a bit (not saying thats what it necessarily means) she at least has the common sense to use protection. She is one of the few who will most likely not get pregnant until she is ready. Stock up ladies (Y)



  1. One night stands...June 6, 2017 at 2:02 PM

    I appreciate your toughs but there is other side of coin, for example how Christians looking about one night stands (interesting post from another blogger so I suppose that is all matter of "teste", morality, culture, religion...

  2. With or without etiquette, my vote goes to one night stands - life is too short! :)

  3. Now I'm left to wonder if you're a female and where I can meet you lol. Because you know... Life's short 😉😏


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