Curse Of The Leaked Photos

Trust, such a delicate thing. It is said that, the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. Often times this can lead to some very discouraging results. So lets get to the main topic.

Quite often you see sexual photos and videos of various people leaked across the Internet via many different mediums. Some of these bits and pieces of media are deliberately put out there while some were "Stolen" and yet still, there are some that were sent to a certain person because said person was trusted. Throughout the years we have seen this happen time and time again. My Jamaican friends would know about these instances. It happened with Amelia 'Milk' Sewell it happened to 'Gaza Kim' and just recently it happened to Denyque, among others. The question is then, How did the photos and videos get out??? In most cases as I stated earlier, they were sent to a trusted party. These 'trustees' more often than not tend to be or at some point were significant others... so to speak. So what happened? More often than not, the male having broken up or parted ways prematurely with his female counterpart, tends to harbour “feelings” towards her. Not very often the good kind. So armed with an arsenal of revealing photos and even more so revealing videos he sets about to dishonour said female to regain some form of Masculinity or Pride, if you will. However, what if the people with which the initial exchange took place were not together? What then?

We ALL have knowledge of video messaging, and instant messaging and the sort. So we all have an understanding that you can and most likely already have sent one or two of those nudes to some willing recipient. Now the sending of these pieces of you is not the problem, no, the problem lies in who. If you are sending a something to someone shouldn't you have some sort of base relationship with them? Relationship in the line of Friendship at the very least. With friends you have a sort of understanding which leads us back to trust. Now I know for a fact that not all your friends can be trusted, but at the very least wouldn't you rather send it to a friend rather than a complete and total stranger??? At least then, if it leaks out you can narrow down the center of distribution.

You first need to come to an understanding with the person you’re sending these pics (or videos if you’re that wild!) to . I know working in “Hey babe, am I allowed to take legal action against you for violating our privacy when I send you the following text, video, and photographs and it is viewed by a third party?” doesn’t work it’s way into phone sex but... as adults(please be 18 and older) you must be able to come to some common ground and selfless agreement that whatever happens during/after the relationship the pics and vids you got won’t be seen by anyone else.
Besides “the trust issue”, sending nude pics is always a risk. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending it to your boyfriend, your husband of 8 years, or a random guy you met in the bar. Technology is risky and easily corrupted, not everything you send via emails, text, or even Skype is secure.Bare in mind it might not even be the person you send the pic to that releases it to John Public, just someone who’s able to get their hands on your goods.

I personally have been on the receiving end of these “photos” if you may and I can in all honesty say that I have never and never will send those which I have received in good faith to anyone unless the sender specifically gave me the go ahead to do so. Even if they did give me the go ahead (some of them have) I still have those pictures locked away in my little stash for my personal viewing pleasure. If you can happen to locate these senders (I will not disclose identities :p lol) then you are more than welcome to question them as to whether or not anything they have sent to me has be broadcast in anyway. You will most definitely get a negative response. The reason for this is that I have gained their trust. In gaining the trust of these females I receive my fair share of nudes from them. So what would I gain from exposing them to the public and losing my sources??? Nothing right? In that breath, one should still be wary, as any pictures you take and send have the potential (especially if sent via email) of being seen by the whole world. Anything you put online is public information and may end up in the wrong hands.

Now I hate to be the one to break this to you: but not every relationship works out! So be cautious and find someone who you trust enough to know that even if you dragged their heart through dirt, barb-wire, mud and feed it to “ol’ dawg”, they won’t maliciously publicise your body. Contrary to popular belief, not all exes are evil. The path to their evil ways may be derived from how the relationship ended or the reasons the led to it ending. So if you know you have a bitchy temperament and your other half is not so fully functional upstairs it would probably be in your best interest to refrain from taking that one nude or making that one video.
Regardless of how much you trust the person, every time you take a pic or do a video be prepared for what might happen if it was made public. Would it be something you’re ashamed off? What would be your response? (The pathetic “I was in love” or “I was young” won’t cut it) Does it destroy your career path? (Yes I went there)

I believe that the body is just a shell, a beautiful shell where everyone has their own contours. I suggest that everyone should take at least one artistic nude shot when they’re young, even if they’re not sending it to anyone in particular-do it for yourself. You’ll appreciate it when you’re older. (P.S.: Keep it safe)

So in closing here are a few choice words to sum up what you have just ingested.

To the sender:

There’s a fine line between erotica and porn. It’s always better use the former than the latter when it comes to technology. If you’re gonna send nudes, do it with class.

To the recipient: 

Keep them safe. They were sent you because the person trusts you, prove you’re worthy of this trust by at least using passwords.

To the publisher: 

Grow up. You’re being pathetic and childish if you pass around pictures of a naked person you used to date. We all know you two had sex anyways. Get some self-respect and good luck finding a next girlfriend/boyfriend when they find out how un-trustworthy you can be.

Now for all who may probably be wondering, this post was quite long wasn’t it? Well there is a reason for that. It was not written solely by moi. I received quite a bit of help from this young lady here @Jherane_. So go check her out and lather her with crazy talk and fun stuffs. Oh and she loves bacon as should we all ^_^



  1. Well said but the sad reality is that you can
    t trust anyone .. the ones you're most trusting of will screw you over wickedly....

    From the pessimist

  2. Alwayne/Jherane, this thing is beyond the comprehension of you both. Oh, and the personal bits you added to the article spoiled it.

    1. Why do you say its beyond our comprehension?


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