Facebook Viruses and Other Crap -___-

Its a growing epidemic and its really starting to Grind My Gears!!! >.<

How DUMB do you have to be to not realize what links on face book are virus related!!! HUH!!!
Oh Lookie Here You can see who viewed your profile
Oh and you can also see pictures of Osama >.> y'all need to wise the hell up man -___- tsssk
A nuh every damn thing you see with a link is meant to be clicked. No matter how obvious the thing is you STILL click it >.< don't believe me you can check the facts right here >>>> http://www.itsobviouslyspam.com <<<

Another thing not really directed to anyone in particular.... This Asshole here >>>> Mark Zuckerberg <<<< is constantly doing fuckery with the damn site. A mean you making one bag of fuckery changes and the ONE thing we really want we cant get!! Wheres the fucking dislike button!! HUH!!! Where!!!!???? And while we are on the subject of changes, why don't you get a damn anti virus for your servers!!! That would prevent all the Osama Links from circulating!!!

And one more flippin thing!!! Why di HELL you decide seh you mus cease the groups and push everything to pages huh???? To top that off you don't have an option for people who run groups to transfer their hundreds and in some cases thousands of members??? You know how much work people put into that shit and you just come one day have a bitch fit and decide to remove them???? Low blow asswipe low fucking blow.

I know i said one more but this is it this time. If you gonna fix anything fix the rawse chat box mudda fucka!!! I don't see why when im talking to someone on that shit it must cut off every minute! Talking bout im sorry so and so is not online! Bitch i know they online!!!!!!! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!

You may never read this but i know im not the only one enraged about it! Heck i bet all of face book is! Get your act together bitch!! And to all you dumb fucks out there clicking every link that crosses their path on the news feed, i hop one day you click one when your in a compromising position in front of a web cam and it allows the hacker to snap your pic and spread all over the net!

And with that i close....oh btw>>>> @GangstaGent <<<< you know what to do



  1. I can't stop laugh! u just expressed my feelings regarding to fb these days n hey u forgot the lame photo viewer that goes, n come back when No one like it! SMH

  2. This is true!!! That viewer is whack. Thanks For Reading :)

  3. Yea it all went down hill from there!!! FB sucks

  4. Yes, yes it does. I used to love it so much :/ dumb ass changing up all the good shit


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