Unfinished Conversations

     You ever receive some messages at some of the strangest times? "Hey, What's Up? You Good?" Something along those lines??? You reply saying everything is all good and dandy how are you etc etc.  Person replies they good and shit and them boom conversation done. I hate that shit with a passion.

     Now I'm not saying anything is wrong with random messages you know. They make the world go round. However what I'm getting at is this. If YOU are sending the first message right, then it automatically means that you want someone to talk to.. yes?? Of course. So if YOU strike up the conversation then that means it is your duty to keep it going for the most part. Why you ask??? Well for the simple fact that the person you are texting does not necessarily have anything they wish to talk about at that point in time.

     Many of you may be saying my logic is flawed and what not but it really is not. I myself have been a victim of unfinished conversations quite often. I think I'm now qualified enough to make such deductions (Qualified is in this case very much Relative). Now imagine you're one of those early sleepers (I don't think much of those exist any more but that's beside the point) and you get say an SMS (Yes people DO still use that phone function) and its someone who you've hardly ever spoken to. This person come to you with a "hey whats up". Going with the flow of what I said in the first paragraph, things end after two or three messages. You're there sitting, waiting for this person who initiated the convo to continue it.

     In my case my first thought is that this person is definitely a slow thinker or a slow texter(Slow texting is a different post entirely). That however is not the case. Oh no, this person is doing the exact same thing and waiting for YOU to continue where they left off. Like really though??? I don't remember giving you the impression I had anything to say to you at that moment in time? You OBVIOUSLY had something you wanted to say and yet you wait for ME to continue???? Now chill or a second and listen. IF lets say this was someone who I've enjoyed talking to before I MAY take the initiative at times and continue but not every time, because that's not how shit works. This is not the case however. These people are simply (In most cases) just bored out of their minds and go through their phone books and find some random ass number and send a random ass text.

     Don't get me wrong however, I myself SOMETIMES do this but when I do send a random ass message I tend to keep the conversation going for the most part nine times out of ten. In the same breathe I will say that this the reason I hardly start conversations with people for the mere fact that if I have nothing to say to you then I wont make you go through the torture of the awkward silence. So next time you text me or message me on any medium overall, and I seem for lack of a better word "un-interested", NOW you know why. Ill put up with it for a few replies but after that I will simply stop replying because I've had the exact same conversation over and over... and over again with a multitude of different people. It gets old fast, sort of like the Harlem shake phase we just experienced.

     With all that said and done I bid you all farewell. Alwayne out.

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