The Purge (A Review)

     Hello again to you all who are still here. Yes I haven't posted in a while. Is that going to change? Not any time soon. At least not till my life get sorted out anyway. With that being said and done lets get on with the post then shall we. Today we talk about the movie called "The Purge". Which while good raises a few questions in my little mind up here -taps forehead-.
     Now from the trailers that were put out for the movie you should all have a gist of what its about if you haven't yet seen a trailer then it's your lucky day because I'm so nice ill show you one right now.

     See! Nice! So yeah the promoted concept is that the Americas are trying to rid themselves of crime which has spiralled out of control. The Purge is their solution to that. However only those with money have the ways and means of fully protecting themselves. The poor are seen as a stain on their society and thus they are the ones targeted for elimination. It's almost like The Hunger Games but on a wider scale. Moving on...
     So at the start of the movie we are greeted with a bout of killing which from what I gather must have been footage from the previous years "Purging". After which we cut to the present day when we see one of the main characters preparing himself for the purge which would take place that night. Skipping ahead a bit, they enter lock down. It is during this time we see a man, bloodied from wounds he received from some of the people participating in said event. Funny enough they used a black man for this role but I'm not ready to talk about that yet.

     Anywho, said character is seeing walking down the street crying out for help, alas no help is forthcoming because people know to trust no one during the night of the purge. However there is one who decides to open their door to him and yes it just happens to be one of the main characters. You're pretty smart to figure that out. A few things happen and then a group of purgers mosey on up to their door and give them an ultimatum, either they hand over the "Pig" or they will force their way into the house and take him by force as well as the lives of the whole family. [Insert a few spoilers here and there] and yeah to sum it up they died. I have to say though, one of my favourite parts of this movie was at the very end. Just as the purge was about to end this woman got her face bashed in for the purpose of peace. Twas very much likeable, my eyes were very satisfied with that. So the movie for me gets an 8/10 rating. Id definitely watch it again. Also judging from what transpired near the ending I'm assuming we will see a purge 2 and by assume I mean I'm hoping. All in all the movie was nothing more than population control and its just a means of getting us as humans acclimatized to the idea. Sooner or later we will see something along these lines happening in real life as a matter of fact we see it daily.

     Now the rest of this you don't really have to read but if you do it neither here nor there. Up top there i mentioned that they used a black man to portray the person crying out for help yes? Yes, Yes I do believe I did (you can check if you don't believe me, I'll wait.) and it just so happens that he was one of only 3 black people in said movie, as far as I recall anyway. Which leads us to the conclusion that everyone else is white right? Good you're learning. Now these people who came knocking at the door referred to him as a pig whose only purpose was for their gratification, or he was only there for them to have their way with ie: to be murdered. It may or may not be what was intended but I definitely sense a high level of racism coming from that. Could be just me who knows but whatever. Just so happens that said Black "Pig" ends up saving what's left of the family whose house he ran into in the first place but that to me is nothing more than a small consolation prize. So um... bye.

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  1. Good review Alwayne. I didn't hate the flick, but I will admit that it had a plot that promised so much room for opportunity, but was totally thrown to the side for horror/thriller conventions.

    1. Yeah it could have been done much better, thats a definite given


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