Forever Tears (Pain & Power) Rated D for Everyone

I'm Once again Crying my heart out there's no end
The Forever Tears have found their way into my life again
The pain is unbearable but bear it i must
Pain is my my only escape in this pain i must trust
My Pain is your ecstasy obviously you enjoy it
You are a sadistic bitch I'm going to make you sorry
My pain will be my power my tears the will to survive
My pain makes me immortal, I'll be here till you die
These tears like white hot colas splashed upon my skin
are nothing compared to the pain i feel within
The pain we humans feel is simply weakness leaving the body
So i think I'll take that pain and turn it into my newest hobby
What do you have to say for yourself you made me what i am
I'm addicted to this pain and I'll take as much of it as i can
I'll leave this body mangled I'll tear myself apart
If it's any consolation I'll leave you my broken and bruised heart
And even through all that you still don't deserve it
With all the love i gave you to you , you never appreciated it
Love has lost its meaning, love is over rated
Give it to the dead, just call it "D Rated"
Will forever ever reach, will the end of forever come?
No, Forever has only started its only just begun
So my tears will never dry the pain will never end
Start a new Era of addicts with the drug "Pain" as the new "High" Trend
Don't you wish now that you had done things better?
Have your forever tears finally started as you read this little Letter?...



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