Miss Me When I'm Gone: Social Networks VS Life

Social networking as I have found out is basically a disease which spreads faster than any STD known to man. In essence social networking is a killer. It clouds the mind of those it gets a hold of and deludes you into thinking that this online world is a reality. Also people who live on social networks, more often than not, aren't who they portray themselves to be, with the exception of a select few. Even though they are called social networking sites people (myself included) tend to get a bit too caught up in them and thus eliminating our actual social lives. According to my self assessment, my social score is zero.

So what did I do on the night of April 8th 2011??? I eliminated one of these social networks. The one we've all come to know and love, the one called Facebook. People were asking me questions about why I was doing it and all that shit but this helps build my argument. Like I said its like a disease, those people who were trying to keep me there were the hosts of this disease and they wished to keep me locked down in this sick digital world. I didn't let that stop me however. Once I deleted that site I found that I experienced almost immediate results. Though I went to bed late as per usual, I found I was actually able to wake up early get up out of bed early and leave for work early. Whereas I normally wake up long after my alarm goes off and when I wake up the first thing I usually did was check my laptop which I leave on so I can be on facebook the minute I wake up.

Something else I noticed was that upon leaving my apartment I actually heard birds chirping. You may say that is nothing but for me it is. I never really heard the birds in the morning even though they were always there. Sort of like I finally found my ears and could finally hear the world around me....
Sometimes I wonder what was my life before all these sites came into being? Does ANYONE know what theirs was like??? Anyone at all???? How could my life have been different??? Who would I be???? With that being said I plan to wean myself off of these sites completely. for the heck of it I'm contemplating if I should stop using my phone. Just completely disregard any form of digital communication. If it wasn't bad enough this digital communication has fucked with my wiring. I'm so used to talking over the phone where if you text me now I can formulate a suitable answer in my own time and on my own terms that when it comes to an in depth conversation with someone or a group I find myself straying away from it. Keeping to myself like I'm some kind of outcast or a reject. When in truth and in fact I belong just as much as anyone else. On top of that I like to think of myself as a digital small time celebrity; many people know but none of you really "KNOW" me. I tend to make a lot of people smile at least that what I imagine who knows their "lols" and their "lmaos" might just be a front to make me feel better no one will ever know.

Well you all can miss me when I'm gone some of you won't give a damn when I'm gone.....who gives a fuck anyway. So basically what I'm saying really is goodbye. Who knows when I've sorted myself out and done what I feel is needed to be done in my REAL life ill comeback but with a bit more control over things. With that being said, I'm out..... Toodles

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  1. I will miss you and know my lols or :) were real! I don't lmao tho!
    Oh btw big up for the "Social networking as I have found out is basically a disease which spreads faster than any STD known to man."
    I am nearly divorced to fb too, the love gone a long time ago!


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