Giving Up

Ill start with this quote I found once while site jumping around the Internet, it reads

"Giving up does not mean you are weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough to walk away"

Continuing I will say I'm giving up on a few things not all at once but gradually if you read my other post title: "Miss Me When I'm Gone: Social Networking VS Life" you will get some perspective on what I am referring to. Life has become a monotonous overtone which has I believe gotten to me. I don't what it was that caused it but I believe I've received a wake up call. My life cannot continue to be lived the way it currently is. For example the least thing pisses me off such as people who are happy. See my plight??? *sigh*
I hate people who think that things are always going to be alright, we don't live in a perfect world hence you will always find problems and struggles. Another thing I probably rant about quite a lot are the females of our kind you guys must probably be tired of hearing me talk this and that about them now. What can I do I don't know the inside story from you females on account of I don't have one I can call my own so I have to speak from what I know and some people who were lucky enough or unlucky depending on your perception of things to find the woman in their life worth fighting for. So if you problem I won't tell anyone to go suck them self or whatever I really don't feel like it right now.

"Don't live your life to try and measure up to others expectations, rather let the way you live your life be such that others want to follow"

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  1. I hope you will find what/who you are looking for real quick! best of luck and I repeat I'll miss you!

  2. Hope you found your 'Happy Place' by now! took me a while to find mine but I did though people are so shocked they think I'm being sarcastic.... it isn't always glitter and sparkles but it isn't always bitter and gloom.


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