Facebook Etiquette.... And Now You Know

So i recently did a post on a list of some things you should not do on Twitter here>>> Twitter Etiquette <<< so i thought to myself.....it would only be fair to do one for facebook right???? Yeah So Here is a list of things you should not do on facebook......

1. Serial Tagging: 
     I speak from experience, people will just be going around tagging themselves in your pics and shit. Worst part is they don't even ask you if they can. More often than not these people aren't even in your friends list they just decide oh my friend is your friend let me tag myself in his pic then *tag* and then they take it upon themselves to tag one bunch of other people who you don't know and then come the notifications. -___- #ThatsSoooWrong

2. Making Comments That Have NOTHING to do with a post:
     Yes people this shit happens, here's an example

"John Doe: YOOOOO I'm Watching this sick movie!!!!
Random Commenter: How comes we don't talk anymore..."

See where this is going???? If you want to ask the person something so badly simply post it on their wall or even post it in their inbox.

3. Soliciting Comments: 
     If your dumb (Some of you probably are) This simply means Asking people to comment on your shit. For example Chic uploads picture and five seconds later she hits up everyone who is online in the chat box at the moment to comment on said picture. I'm like why you gotta ASK people to comment on your shit???? Are you that insecure???? #ThatAintWinning

4. Hash Tag Misuse: 
     A few of you facebookers see some of use tweeters using the hash tag and don't know what it means. So instead of finding out what its purpose is you just use it without a care in the world just so that it make you look like you are in the know. Well guess what, we see you!! And it just makes you look even more stupid than you might already be.  I mean if you're gonna use it at least use it correctly. Oh BTW this>>> # <<< is a hash tag #OnToTheNextOne

5. Constant Relationship Updates: 

Friday Morning: Single >>> Next Day: In A Relationship >>> That Night: Its Complicated >>> Two Days Later: Married >>> Next Morning: Divorced >>> That Night: In A Relationship

Just cut it out already Gosh Man disable the damn thing. Its NOT cute and nobody really cares

6. "Mi Like How You Dash Me Whe":
      WHY do people keep coming with this shit??? (Yes i touch some a unuh nerve but a so life go) every other day you hear someone talking bout "Oh So you just dash me now nuh true". These people OBVIOUSLY think they are the only friends you have and as such you should have a conversation with them at your every waking moment. As is you don't have a life out side the circle. They tie in with the people who always talking about "I Like how you don't call or text me anymore" Bitch the damn thing works both ways!!!! >.< #MovingOn

7.  Whoring:
     Now before you say anything what i mean by "Whoring" is hopping on every single status your friends post and dropping comments and shit. After a while...it kinda gets annoying "/ Yeah ... it really does

8. The Kissy Face:
     Some of you girls on facebook have only one pose in your arsenal and its that damned kissy face in the mirror holding the camera look. It works well for some of you yes but damn switch it up a bit. 90% of the pictures in your album are basically the same thing. Only difference is probably the clothes you have on at the time. Now i can understand when you ladies do it but why the hell would a nigga be uploading a pic of him doing that??? #ThatSoWrong #ThatIsAll

9. Holding Conversations Through Comments:
     PLEASE DESIST!!! Its damn annoying if you ask me. So of you come asking us for our comments and we sometimes give in to your wish...Sometimes. When we finally do we are hit with an onslaught of notifications about you and whats its name talking about what you did that day and how you miss each other and how long you haven't seen each other...Um HELLOOOOO INBOX!!!! Gosh!!!

10. Long Rawse Names -____-
      Candise-bittatudeEyecandi ThickandFabgullychick Pommells <<< Yeah Something like that. There are longer names trust me ive seen my fair share. #THATAintWinning. what unno get out of it???? Seriously speaking now??? Anybody??? No?? #OkBye

What do YOU think are some facebook Donts??? Leave them in the comments box below



  1. 1 - There is worse than holding conversations through comments ... via inbox! I must confess I did it once and it led to war! Never again!
    2 - People that don't know you, but still send you a request because you have friends in common (sometime you DON'T even have a common friend) and that do not take the time to at least send an intriducing message and still expect you to accept the request!
    Sorry for the very long sentence, I'm getting emotional!
    By the way, great blog!

  2. i wish you tell me what exactly caused the war :)
    i will admit im guilty of your second point at times *hides face* but i end talking the people i add over to the dark side :) so everyones happy ^.^
    Thanks For The Appreciation and thanks for the comment :)

  3. I forgot what information I sent but we started a conversation and a friend said the notifications were just too much, unfortunately she wasn't very polite so another friend reacted, and war started :( The sad thing is both those my friends are sweethearts! I felt so guilty I don't even know how I deleted this set of messages.
    Well it's good if you are talking to these people but some really are just in a friend contest or who will get the more followers! They are just interested in the number! It's sad!

  4. yeah that is true its very sad. me i just simply like to meet new people. some of them get boring after awhile though after they get used to you. by the way where are you from?? who are you? :)

  5. My name is Yasmine, I'm 22 and I am a Cameroonian (Central Africa) living in Senegal (West Africa)
    Is that enough lol? As I don't think it'll be wise giving out more info here! I just followed you on twitter!

  6. oh thats cool :) ill hit you up on twitter then XD


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