Pretty Girls......

Sooooo its another day at work yup but enough about that.....for now.
The topic right now is "Pretty Girls" but apparently I left a word out of that topic. The revised topic reads "Pretty Dunce Girls"
These types of women are the ones that really piss me off >.< (Now we insert the part of the day mentioned somewhere up to in the beggining)
So I'm here sitting down and this woman walks up to the counter ya dig? You all know I LOVE breasts right? (If you DON'T know this you DON'T know me!!) Especially the big juici looking ones :) And hers were banging!!! anywho back to the whole situation.
So she come to me and make queries about her account. I answer her and explain out the whole damn thing to the T! (I never really understood that expression but it seem to fit right in #kanyeshrug) and you wha know seh is bout half hour the woman a have me a explain over the whole damn mi explain to her just before??? Here's the thing her account is in bad standing right and she interest on the thing. When mi tell her bout the interest she have audacity fi a tell mi say nobody never explain say if she pay late interest would go on it *insert blank stare here* o.o". Um a whe she come from????? (Btw way the whole time I'm explaining this I'm forcing myself to look at her face and not her breasts giggity) so me hexplain di ting again and she still nuh get it, so mi tell her fi talk to the supervisor -__- the supervisor told her basically word for word the same damn thing whe me just tell her and she undastan it and the bitch come talk bout ME (who just waste over half hour of my time on her breasts) never explain shit to her! #uberblankstare. That bitch is a PRIME example of a "Pretty Dunce Girl" aka PDG.
Now if we take that example into consideration. These women are the type of women who put man inna trouble (and in some cases other women) and are to be avoided at all costs except for sexual pleasure of course :). I like to classify them as "Stray Girls" cuz your only meant to pick em up feed them house them (house them meaning bed the ;) hehehe ) for a night and put the back where they belong. On some rare occasions however these stray girls wise up and ketch likkle sense and become wife type, also called bottom bitch which I mentioned in another post.
Soon come a lunch time!! XD (goes to deal wid lunch)
Well its now 11:36pm and yeah mi nuh memba wha di hell mi whena write so guess wha mi a cut it yasso unno leave unno comments in the box below TOnKZ :)
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