Alienation, Corruption and Whatever

     Has anyone ever had certain thoughts locked away in their mind and hear someone else speak on it and all those thoughts start to swim around in your head? That's what happened to me yesterday from a surprising yet not so far fetched source. So yesterday ( Feb. 21, 2011) as I was heading back to work to consume some food, I passed this "Mad Man" walking in the same direction as me. What he said was "We are all the same when we die we all going back to the dirt beneath our feet, so unuh fi stop gwan like unno betta dan nuhbady else". As I listened I was thinking... Damn, its true. This isn't a new theory to me as I pointed out earlier but it struck me then because I haven't really thought about it that much in a while. We as a people (not just jamaicans but people on a whole) tend to put ourselves on pedestals claiming superiority and placing those we feel unworthy beneath us. But if you look at it carefully those beneath us are the ones who actually help us reach to the heights we are at. If it wasn't for their strength to hold us up we would all be at the same level. The way I see it the ones beneath us are superior to the ones above.
So even some of you girls who boasting about unno pretty looks and latest fashion and what not, if it wasn't for the ugly cyaa dress waste girl unno wouldn't have anybody to be better than or boast against. Unno whe boast bout unno man can fuck good guess wha? The same girl you a boast to a coulda she same one teach your man so go easy.
Another thing now is the corruption in this country called Jamaica -___-
Yesterday again when I was heading back to work I met up on two friends from high school male and female. The girl was seeking a 350000 dollar loan and asked if I knew anyone that could help her out. I truthfully replied that I didn't. Now me with my inquisitive self tek up and ask her what it was for. She told me it was for her brother in a VERY bad situation. Her brother apparently borrowed some money from the wrong people. He didn't know these people were....those kind of people until they told him they needed that money that day by 3:30 or else... Now here the thing, the dude had only borrowed 30 grand right but after these "People" added charges, surcharges, interest and whatever other amount pf money them want to add to it the figure comes up to the 350 grand my friend was in need of. The corruption comes in however when she tell me they threatened his life and she told him to go to the police. Apparently that was a very bad move. The very same police he spoke is in league with the people he had borrowed the money from. Fucked up isn't it??? This police in turn told the brother that if he didn't have the cash to pay the people by 3:30 whatever they did to him would be no problem of his, and as far as he was concerned they never had that conversation. You tell me now, these are the people we depend on to protect us??? People who are in league with the ones who want to hurt us?? No one can be trusted nowadays not even your very family can you give 100% trust anymore. So the saying "Trust No Nigga Fear No Bitch" stands firm and at the ready

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  1. Holey moley that sure is twisted!!! Yup the ones you trust the most are the ones who usually turn around and try to break you.

    As for the mad men .. well I was once a generous lass but the one day I really didn't have it I got cussed out thoroughly ..since then all o dem suffer .... n then there's the fact that alot of them are drug addicts .... your 'donation' only fuels the addiction.

    n don't get me started on the sane n perfectly healthy 'kruffs' who find no shame in begging!

  2. Yeah i dont give "Mad man" money for that same reason, never have and i dont think i will


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