The Whole Oral Sex Drama "/

Question...... Everybody love when they receive oral correct?
So why is it that we behave in the most way like its the end of the world when someone does it?

Look at Amelia "Milk" Sewell she unfortunately had a video her giving head leaked to the digital community and her career was put at an instant standstill so to speak. Then there was the infamous Gaza girl who was shown to be giving the Cake Soap King a good clean, she was ejected instantaneously from the Gaza Empire. Why? All because of a little head. Now I will say I personally have never done it to anyone but a lot of people do it behind the shadows and when light touch them all of a sudden them start gwaan like rae and tae and "yow mi nuh do dem ting" "da yute deh a stiff tongue ute" etc.
But let's look at this for a second. I don't recall anywhere in the bible where it said anything against such acts. As a matter of fact your sexual ordeals no matter how wild or contorlled as they may be, performed under marriage/wedlock receive the lords blessings. The problem therefore lies with the ones partaking in the acts.
Saying this I mean, whatever you do with your partner behing your bedroom doors or where ever should stay between you and said partner. There is absolutley no reason in the world that you should want to spread all the going ons of your sex life with the world.... Well sex counselling I guess would be one reason or maybe trying to help fix a relationship you may share your kowledge. But that's besides the point. The fact of the matter is there is nothing wrong with oral sex.
Yeah a lot of you might say a foolishness me a talk but I can bet most of you have done it. Yeah I said it!!

(8) Come touch me nuh! Touch a button nuh!!!(8)
Do Supm!!!!

On another note one sexual act that cannot be approved is the daggering of the anal cavity. That my friends is bad and wrong! It is badong! It is an act punishable by death in a few places don't quite remember where tho. Also I believe it is a homosexually originated. But this post is about oral sex so another time for that....
Yeah back to the matter at hand. Now mi know a whole heap of ma twitter followers are the freaky type an nuh badda come try deny it! And a whole lot of the people I follow as well...majority female and I know for a fact seh some of them love get a lil oral loving. So here's my thing, yall ever wonder why some girls are bi-curious if not fully bisexual?? (Please note i said some, so unnu nuh coe get unno panties in a bunch) Because the males aren't trying to please the women so what do these women have to do?? They find other women who will please them in that way that they want to be pleased. So that's my view on the thing just do you and nuh mek nuhbody tell you wha fi do. Unless your a buggerer then you fi dead :)

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  1. LOL! I like it.. It's all true. People must stop the hypocrisy! Good post.

  2. Quite So!!!! Let let there be freedom of speech!!!! See what i did there??? lol

  3. lol, #Nice!....Check out my Post on the same topic here ---->


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