What's Done In The Dark.....

I left you for a week I went on a business trip
I told myself I wasn't going to let my mind slip
I wouldn't flirt with any girls I'd try my best to not break your heart 
No matter the space between us no matter how far apart
But I couldn't really stand it I came back a bit soon
I was coming to surprise I was going to be in the loving room
But when I arrived home I saw a car on the front lawn 
At twelve in the night just a couple hours before dawn
I came into the house silently the front door was unlocked
My body was well aware but my mind was in shock
I heard sounds from upstairs I crept up silently
The closer I got I heard the bed shake violently
I heard your screams of pleasure I heard you cries of pain
The tears started to fall like the pouring rain
I looked through the keyhole to understand I couldn't begin 
You never knew that I was outside looking in
I saw you on your hands and knees You were begging him please
You said you wanted release and would do whatever the guy please
I couldn't take it anymore I sobbed my heart out 
I wasn't about to meddle I just decided to step out
The tears that I cried made a puddle at the bedroom door
I cried for you my wife who in my eyes became some kind of whore
I felt so abused I felt like I was taken for a fool
You said you loved me, you never meant it, yet you acted quite cool 
So i decided that it wasn't going to work again
You became my enemy the one who was my best friend
I went into the kitchen started to feel a little bold
I prepared a little dish called revenge which I heard is best served cold 
I gathered up all our pictures of memories which are no more
I lit the pile of pictures right on the kitchen floor 
I turned the gas on the stove on i walked out the front door
Sat inside my car so I could watch the flames soar
I started to blow my horn when I thought it was about time 
For the fire on the floor to reach to the gas line
I wanted to see your face as the end if your life began
You ended mine when you slept with another man
I saw your silhouette on the window all my emotions were now gone 
You pulled the drapes you saw my face then there was an explosion
I saw the orange glow within the house you began to move about
But i was ready with my gun in case you tried to get out
I was about to make today be you last
You played me like a movie you had the perfect cast
I hope you learn your lesson before you take your last breath
Because I am sure you won't be able to rue the day for today you will experience death



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