Lovers Dance

The midnight sun gazes upon our bodies
Intertwined in the dance of love
Two bodies becoming one
As nature has blessed us
The cool air causes strange but welcome sensations as it breathes upon our skins
Your long dark hair covers your supple body beads of sweat glistening in the moonlight 
Your body oozes sexual arousal 
Calling to me in a tempting voice
I listen I follow I obey the call
Increasing the tempo of our dance
Your shouts of pleasure echo in my ears
All else blocked out I'm tuned to only you
We constantly change the style and feel if our dance
Alternating between fast and slow
Calm and rough
Hours upon hours we dance
Never losing our connection
The two opposing mountains upon your chest moving in sync to the beat our bodies play 
You push your head back let out a low guttural sigh
I know the dance is approaching it's end
Your body goes limp in my arms as you let out a savage moan of pleasure
I hold you and continue to dance but I too have reached my limit
I moan with pleasure and sadness as the dance ends
The midnight sun has become the midday moon
We sleep as one waiting for the night when our dance begins again



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