The Entity Called "Females"

So yeah yeah its "ALMOST THE NEW YEAR" and blah blah blah..although by the time im done writing this it will probably be the new year anyway so um..... Merry Christmas HO's *ehem*
Any who onto the topic at hand >>> The Entity Called Females <<<

I will not be held responsible for any information contained within this document
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Bitch HO HO HO!!! Merry Fuck This and Whatever
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Thank you for your co-operation
Enjoy :)
Now obviously im a male and i as a male have come to find and believe what most if not all males know and understand...Woman are IMPOSSIBLE to read.

One of the things i have managed to figure out however is a major breakthrough in scientific studies to date!!! Brace Yourselves for impact people this will blow your mind!!!
Now we all know that women take FOREVER!! to get dressed! Am i right or am i right? No?? Ok Fuck Off >.>
Anyway there IS a method to their madness. Women dont get dressed to impress their Husbands/Men/Boyfriends/Pon Di Side/Jim Screechie et al
the MAIN reason why women take so long to get dressed is so that they can "Outshine" any other women they may or may not encounter on whatever journey they take once they don their "Lady Of The Night" Garments (Dont get it twisted ladies)
But yes it IS true, woman dress up to impress other women!!
ill wait for you to cuss and argue go ahead ill give you some time
*ten seconds later*
Ok Shut The Fuck Up Now!! My Time!!
Oh Happy 2011 >.> Year Boring tho #KanyeShrug
oh back to the point
the remarkable beings know as "Female"

Now i know there are good females out there (all the good ones basically taken so suck to be named Brady Brown 21 from mandeville 21 years old and single...#ImJustSaying *EHEM*)
but there are also a TON of disgusting rude obscene forms of the female roaming this world
These forms of women are known as "Waste Gyal"
Yeah I SAID IT!!! *dodges hail of projectiles*
now there is no need to worry. Its easy to tell if a Female has the "Waste Gyal Syndrome"

1st Symptom

Constantly Yapping about how "All Boys Are the same, all boys are pricks blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda etc etc etc this that and all the above. and yet these bitches never checked themselves out first smh...

2nd Symptom

Claiming you are "Mizz Independent" and yet the minute you want something to buy or some other shit who you run to??? Mommy or Daddy or even the same man you a run off you likkle nasty mout pan ...Yeah Sure REAL INDEPENDENT -_-

3rd Symptom

Being a vain, big headed, narcissistic, egotistical, bitch. So WHAT if you THINK your shit dont stink??? Well all know it do Mmmmhmmmm smh

4th Symptom

Dodging out, Stealing, Spying..basically doing all manner of evil towards your friends to get some TLC (Trang Lang Cocky) or steal your girlfriends men. Backstabbing Bitches....(They the worst kind)

5th Symptom

Gossiping about other peoples business when that shit dont even concern you!!!! Bitch Back the Fuck up!!!!
you know theres a quote for this one some where hold on *digs around for a minute* oh here it is

The Best Business in business
Is to mind your own business
And if you dont have any business 
Let it Be YOUR business

There are MANY more symptoms that bring forth "Wate Gyal" but i wont get into them right now

Now i dont rememeber where exactly i found this next bit of gratifying information >>> HotDamIRock <<<
but it was really interesting and it was truth..this should actually be in a Book!! "The Guy Rules"

Girls have this thing about them where they say "No Front Nah Run cause a dat alone you want" and what does the rule book say???
"If a man only wanted front he would probably not waste time on you in the first place he would have found some other girl willing to cure his cunt lust" I <<< Paraphrased >>>

So even if you give the man the likkle pums or not if he was planning to leave you in the first place you ago get lef no matter the circumstances so holding out wont make him stay any longer than HE wants to #ImJustSayin

You know you wanna give it up so just give it up and done and stop wasting your own time...the time you wasted on holding out you coulda done fuck and be using some time to get dressed....You know try to be ready early for once...again #ImJustSayin

another thing is you women are such teases

I Mean you dress up in the skimpy ass outfits clearly you MUST be horny since your basically half naked already. Yet when approached you go on the most way bout if man think you a slut and you easy and all dat shit.... Yeah i would think you made it quite obvious >.>
if you cant handle the consequences go put on some fucking clothes -_____-

*scans notes*
Next on the agenda and last thing for the moment
Yall calling yaselves Bitches -_- a mean wassup with that???? HUH!!!???
You all over the place claming you a bad bitch and you the baddest bitch around and not other bitch cant touch this. Yet the moment someone else calls you a bitch you throw a hissy fit.. #WTF O_o
werent you just calling yourself a bitch like five minutes ago??? what went wrong??? i thought Bitch was your name.. Bitch <.< grow the fuck up bitch and go learn your real name -_-
um yeah i think i should end this here thingy now
So Hasta La Vista BITCHES!!!! =]
oh and Merry New Year Same time



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