January 11 -________________________________________-

8:15 reach work
1:00 went for lunch
5:00 balance and close off
So you see my day basically went well. So you might just wonder why my face so long in the subject line -____- well there's a simple explanation.
Nuh badda draw no seat tho cuz this well short >.<
now we close off at 5:00pm in the days. So you must know say yes brady a go home ya now. This likkle fassy come walk up inna store all fine and dandy and a move like say nutten nuh wrong. Bout him a pay bill so mi say aight my face was like this :| you know dem way deh?? Just put on a non-smile. Mi collect the man money and ready fi go bout mi damn business this likkle fassy come bout him have next bill a pay but is from a next branch. Now unno know seh mi temper well shortalready and this nigga is just being a little douche. When him tell me that my face moved from :| to -__________________- dickbrain now has the audacity fi a ask me why my face look so. Me just look whe fran him. Now unno might all a say a foolishness mi a chat and mi nuh have no reason fi bex well fuck unno -_-heres the thing me wake up bout  dem time deh and me reach a work at 8 right work all friggin day and spose to done five o clock if MI have nutten fi pay mi do it inna mi bloodcleet lunchtime. So why di hell this nigga believe its automatically okay to come in at quarter to six to pay him damn bill??? EEh!!!he had the whole fucking day to do that shit and when you come a ask why mi look so. Likkle jackass lucky seh mi nuh wha lose di likkle wuk ya now enuh else a woulda light up him bombo wid badwud today ya. After mi done wid him now nigga come a ask me if the payment nah go pan di system today...........I told this nigga system shut off already enuh and him see say is a fucking manual reciept him get so mi bite mi lip and tell him then just walk off. So him go downstairs and lef. Two twos mi get a call from downstairs smh a ask wha tek place wid me and di customer. So it look like seh the dumbass couldn't seh whe him wha seh to mi face so him hide and go tell smaddy else, likklke pussy -_- I give a half hearted laughing type sound and seh nutten neva happm. I hang enuh and I pack up mi laptop enuh and I walk downstairs enuh and I go outside and I was just hopin to see him enuh not even tell nobody seh mi gone enuh. Cuz I was livid enuh -_- but the likkle fassy step way fast. Tssssssk lucky fucka him be. So I wrote tgis on ma way home anyway "/ and cuh deh now mi say mi dida keep it shart tsssk anywho I gone cuz mi hungry bexness is very tiring am out......

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