White, Chinese, Indians and Blacks: Brought Upsy and Invasion

So I had just finished eating lunch and I was sitting and making it all sink in. Some of my coworkers were talking and all that jazz won't tell you about what tho (*cough* Negril *cough*) and the topic came up about how Indians and Chinese alike are really out in the lead when it comes to being in control of business in jamaica. Now I am of the impression that this is true. Have you. Have you ever noticed how if you walk into a chinese shop 90 percent of the people who work there are chinese? The same goes for the indians. A prime example is Gold mart in uptown mandeville. Now that's not the interesting part. What is really interesting is the fact that all these people are related. I know for a fact that the mandeville Gold mart people are all one family and the same. Now what does this mean basically? Well when it comes onto money this basically means that any money they bring in is split among all of them right? But look at it this way, all of that money can then be turned over again to bring in more stock. And more stock equals more money even more so if you can sell all your items at a much cheaper price than the competitors which makes that a win win situation. Now on the other hand let's look at jamaicans or blacks for that matter. We are not as family oriented and willing to do anything like what these other races are doing. Why? Because we are selfish and care only for our own well being and thus we limit ourselves in this aspect.
The chinese for example again are born into a system where they have to work together to survive and they are taught to respect elder and especially their family, unlike us who disrespect every and anybody who so much as looks on us just a little too hard. Imagine if we as a people decided to adopt their way of living? We could be a powerful force. The problems we face financially as well as otherwise would be drastically reduced if not completely diminished. This however needs to as I've always heard begin in the home.
Yeah... On another note, for my mandeville people (not sure if its that noticeable anywhere else) have you noticed the increase number of tourists walking around the town lately? O_o am I missing something? Its like as soon as I step outside a building I see one group walk about five minutes and you would have seen about three more separate groups. Never the same set and it happens all through the day everyday. Is there some kind of conspiracy afoot? Someone tell me please. Wanna know if ill have to do a lil sumn sumn ;) before it all goes down :D
Well that's all for now anyway
Toodles :)

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