Signs Of A Basic Bitch/Waste Gyal

Now Ladies I Nah Call No Name... BUT im almost not tekkin back no talk. If you find that any of these qualitites describe you the guess what you are a DING DING DING Basic Bitch now sit back and tick all that apply.

1)Constantly going on and on about "Oh All Guys Are The Same, all boys are assholes" blah blah blah etc. Heres an idea Check yourself first <<< #BasicBitchMentality

2)Claiming to be miss independent and at the end of the day your STILL running home to mommy and daddy or your man. The same man you called an asshole not too long ago

3)Being a vain bigheaded snobbish fool with an ego larger than your IQ. and to top it off you show this behaviour off thinking that it makes you look good when in reality it just makes you look even dumber than your actions portray in the first instance. Acting like yo shit dont stink....

4) Snaking out your own friends and family to get some "Cocky" "TLC" "Pipe" "Sawt Out" or even to get some new "Friends". Why because they come with benefits.

5)Gossiping about other peoples business when it doesnt even concern you in the first place. I know a lot of you guilty of this one.....

6) Going out of your way to get your Nails Done, Hair Did, Facial, Footcial, Boob Job, Ass Job, Face Job and yet your kids sit down at home with no decent clothes and no food to eat. You worse than a basic bitch for that one.

7) Sleeping with the whole town and telling everybody you see who you did what to and when. #ThatsSOOWrong

8) The only thing you care about is looks not knowing that you brains have a major role to play as well.

10) You would sleep with the whole world to meet your favourite celebrity. So Basic.

This list is as it stands incomplete. If you have any other symptoms to add please leave them in the comments box below


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The Truth Of The Matter Is, The Truth Does Not Matter.



  1. 'who me? I don't do those things' at the same time they can fit a duck the size of a toothbrush all the way down them throat but when asked they 'don't believe in it'

  2. Hmm sound like a basic dude going on a rant shoot yourself in the asshole

  3. You know what the funny thing about your comment is??? You posted it anonymous.
    Wanna know what that tells me????
    It tells me that you are so basic that everything in this post reflects on you and you dont have the courage to post that comment with your information behind it.
    Thanks for reading nonetheless... Basic bitch... -_-


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