Gullibles Travels : Facebook Edition

So everybody on facebook is going nuts due to a post saying "Facebook Will Be Shutting Down On March 15th" how gullible can one be???? Firstly if facebook WAS going to shut down dont you think they would have given some form of notification on the site itself????? Secondly why the hell would Mark shut it down in the first place??? Facebook is practically a gold mine!! If he was selling it i could understand but shutting down just does not seem to be a plausible course of action. If YOU (Yes you) Believe that facebook is shutting down then you may call the following toll free number to petition against it >>> 1-888-KillYoSelf <<< Every vote counts
or if not call just go join im sure theyd be more than welcome with all the BILLIONS of users who would be homeless on the 15th -___-



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