JA Blog Awards 2011...The First Of Many

So the blog awards have come and gone and the bloggers were highly rewarded (winners got blackberries!!)
All who won deserved it although some i never expected. Now seeing as i wasn't there i watched it on a video stream so the quality wasn't all that good Audio Wise anyway. Now throughout the whole ordeal there is ONE thing that mainly caught my eyes and it was the Ass on the owner of this blog right here >>>> http://www.kingstonstyle.com/ <<<< Anybody knows her name?? or twitter account?? Tell Me Or Die >:@ (you wont really die but it would be nice if you would tell me) @Jherane_ was right beside her and refused to acquire her name >.>. In other news however Ma favourite Rockstar won an award!!!! Although she should won for all her categories cuz she a badass like that :) but she got noticed nonetheless. Although i couldn't really see her when she was at the podium making her Speech :$ (i had to comment on your shortness i just had to) any who follow ma Lil mama >>> @MszRockstar <<< do it or DIE!!! (again you wont really die...at least not by my hands anyway *puts away conspicuous phone*) and fuck with her blog here >>> Real Talk <<<
I dont remember all the winners and such but im sure if you check Rockys Blog some time soon you will get a run down of the nights happenings :)
Next on the agenda......well nothing more really Yeah that's it short and about 1% Spicy with a dash of interesting on the side. Congrats to ALL the winner :)
ill be working on getting my Blog on that list for the next competition so look out for it :)

It can only get better from here on out. Spread the talent of young and old Jamaicans to the global community. As our motto goes: "Out Of Many One People" we are powerful and the world shall know all the goodness we as a people have to offer. So thank you NCB, Thank you LIME (Although i dont have or use a LIME phone) and Thank You JABlogAwards. May you continue on with your endeavours




  1. Totally like this post! I was a fervent voter! I did it everyday lol! You will certainly be on he list next year and i will definately vote for you :)! If I had to bet on this award ting I certainly will have put my money on Jo :) She was the one person I knew must and had to win it!
    By the way one thing that definately attracted me to ur blog is the MszRockstar ad :)

  2. im trying my best to make it next voting season :) and thanks in advance for your vote ^.^ and Jo is who i was pushing for all her categories ma lil frennie :D


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