Gold Diggers, Players, Hoes 'N PIMPs

Came to my attention this night/morning by @MzSkullkandy its all about Gold Diggers and Players basically. 

 Yeah so basically it goes like this "All Women Want men for their money, and all men want women for their pussy" and this is basically true *i sob here* so do you know what that means??? All you bitches is Gold Diggas!!!!!! YER I SAID IT!!!! *dodges bottle flung from accros the room* but guess what that makes all us men :D *cues drum roll* Makes P.I.M.P.'s IE:Players In Management Positions so we run shit!!!

But with that being said you should know where im going with the rest of this here paragraph.......If you only want a man for his money (And we have said this is right...nuh badda seh you nebba cuz its in the fine print seh if you read you hagree!!) and that said man happens to be your PIMP then you basically sellin the man you pum pum which makes you a??? Come on ladies you know what im talking bout!!! No?? Ok Let Luda Tell YA!!

Now mi know seh majority a uhuh a go come gwaan like seh Rae and Tae an all dese tings but a bet some a unuh cya back unuh chat. First of all unuh know seh the man a go wha pum pum and we as man know seh unuh a go wha money right?? Good. So if you as a woman know dem tings deh and give up the pum pum and expect the man fi gi you money nuh sell you sell the pussy??? and wha dat mek you?? (8)Yous A HOOOOOO(8) *drops mic and walks off stage*

This next video says it all btw watch :)

unuh still deh ya???? lol a joke *takes up back mic* But seriously though its basically how things work. we as men just choose to accept the role of PIMP a mean...SOMEONES gotta do it. and lord knows that MEN cant sell pussy on account of we dont have one. With the exception of some men who ARE the pussies...that however is different rant all together 

PS: This is also more widely recognized in Marriage :D TEEHEE!! *splurts* Me Gawn!!! AWOH 

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