Dear Life ...

So this is actually a dub poem so the flow is sorta random but yeah enjoy it...

Dear life
I'm writing to inform you that I'm gonna have to end our relationship
I know in the beginning I was willing to learn and grow but I was tricked
Seduced by your lies I've been here twenty years the extent of my time
But not once was I allowed to shine
Now forgive me maybe I'm just getting old or you might say I'm slow
But I'm forever kept back never allowed to grow
But I was enticed by the lies you told which I heard somewhere before
But I learned the truth it struck my core
Now unless I'm dreaming I could have swore
Right after you brought me here
You threw me into a war
And now I'm just trying to process some things
Why not be real but without the strings?
And your telling me its the way of human beings?
You see now I'm pissed cuz your acting like nothing is wrong
And it all seems surreal cuz I didn't know the pain my soul would feel
Even in the nursery rhymes life is but a dream
So if that's the case isn't it about time I woke up??
About time We woke up???
But then again waking up would be in all rights death
But I guess being humans as we are went want to embrace such an end to our fantasy
Its like our existence is nothing but a played out track
With overused lyrics
If it wasn't for the beat we definetley wouldn't hear it
I thought life was suppossed to be a means of self expression??
Instead its about trying to make everyone else around you feel good
Even in you own time of deppression
So tell me why,
Why is there such a thing as freedom of speech??
If the freeedom we live is different from the freedom we preach?
You can say shit on the radio
Yet ban prayers in school
You attack innocent people
Yet the bad continue living and
You think that's "cool"?
What's crazy is people nowadays don't seem to mind
Girls getting drunk out of her mind
With camera shots between her thighs
And continues with the lie
That its a part of you!? A part of "Life"
We continue to pretend everything is ok
Even though we constantly give pieces of our selves away
I'm trying to make it in this life
But its not as easy as you portray it to be
Girls selling themselves for little to no money
Trying to make ends meet but no
Its not possible
Was my wife a hoe? Will my little girl be a hoe?? Maybe we just need to spiritually grow
I'm starting to think this whole life thing is over rated
All people think about is physical appearance and ratings
No one has time for the little things anymore
I guess this world has reached a time when its only option is to give up
To throw in the towel
Shut down
This is my letter to you
Sincerely your
Brady Brown
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  1. *snaps fingers* #Real talk!

  2. *takes a bow* ^.^ i think i need to give you my autograph

  3. *screams like a star-crazed fans* Weeely!? lol

  4. Yesh!!!! :D *signs autograph and gives to ya* You earned it :D


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