January 3,2011 First Work Day

So this is the story of my first day of work in this new year 2010 wait sorry I mean 2011. That mistake was expected I'm still used to it being 2010 go figure. Anywho I have already stated that I'm easily annoyed and one of the first customers of the day started my annoyance meter up
-___- hear I am browsing through my laptop at work (heheheheh) and this man come up to the window and a say him name. Now I know I'm not deaf....at least I believe so (unno nuh comment pah me deafness <.< ) But mi tell the man say me cyaa hear him and the nigga repeat him name pan di same level (cue annoyed face) mi aks him AGAIN and what does he do?? The same friggin thing >.< Lucky for him the other cashier was on hand and knew who he was. So I dealt with his payment and sent him on his way.
Now after that this woman come up to the window she talk up and I was like YES!! (In my mind of course) but when she back out the money fi pay I was like NOoO!!! (In my mind again but with the annoyed face activated again) woman paying cash 2000 of which was coins I'm like #UberSigh and begin to count. Done wid her send on her way. Now where I'm located a bank is right downstairs (PCB) so I took those coins I got from coin lady and headed straight over cause I don't want to have them to count later (No siree). So anyway I start my look tiresome trek to the bank (just under a minute)
When I reach there, no tellers in sight >.< But me and dem cool so I made that one slide. I change the money and start the return journey. When I reach back to ma station. When I sat down I took up ma phone and started typing this thing.
Now I'm deep in concentration trying to get this thing right when all of a sudden me feel like smaddy a watch me (don't gwaan like it neva happen to unno before) me look up and see dis woman a stare up inna mi mawnin noon and mi night I'm like Yes??? She's like "mi see wha dresser whe mi want ova desso (paraphrasing here) and she gestures behind her. I direct her to the sales reps and turn back to ma phone and do wha me a do (This ^.^ hehe ) and this was just before 10 o clock!!! Mad nuh true!!
So lunch was good :) Sweet and Sour Chicken *licks lips and tries to relive the taste*
Yeah back at work and nothing much really happened. I came back sat down and listened some music and yeah that's was it...or was it!! *cues evil theme music*
So 2 o clock rolled around and again I'm going in on ma itunes play list and this nice woman walks in and she's wearing a white merino with a thin bra(she looked to be in the 32D and up category my favourite!!!!) , face on point, smell on point, voice on point, everything sort out and she come fi pay her bill. And here I am flirting with her and she deh flirt back :) woooi sweet day my annoyance meter was back to zero at this point ^.^
Nah tell you how the rest of our convo went unno too faaas!!!!
So round 3:40 this woman come in see me downstairs don't say nutten to nobody walk come upstairs to my station and nuh see nobody then come back downstairs and a ask whe di cashier deh. And she a look pa me like seh mi spose fi magic miself go upstairs as mi see har -_- tsssk mi just walk pass har enuh!! Awoh

At about 4:45 now this damn woman comes in using a payment method which i deeply dislike but she seem fi enjoy since every tie she come in a DAT she use >.< i was just trying to find every way possible to mek her cyaa use it but to no avail. so i began the process only to find out seh the method she using couldnt process today :D overjoyed. That got rid of her :)
         So now its time to lock off the systems at work and lo and behold this woman walks into the store to pay her bill....now im not someone who enjoys staying at work late enuh so when anybody comes in at lock up time im uglier than i am now >.< So dis ya woman get di brunt of it and to mek it worse a di FUSS day a work!! Smh....I wont get into it but it neva nice -_____-

Anywho mi reach a yaad now so mi ago post dis fi mek unno read (Mark you one of ma tenants -Yes fimi tenant!! WOI- just piss me the fuck off)
Thanks for wasting your time.
See you next time ^.^ Arivaderchi

Mr Id10T

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