January 5,2011 Shouldn't Even Be At Work Today :/

8:45 I'm late yeah I'm hardcore like that <.<
Anyway I was pissed off just before I reached work today. Why? Cuz I found out I left my fucking wallet at home -_____- mi know when 12:00 the worms in ma belly are gonna cuss claat a mi ears today smh.
Any way like I said I reach late, I walk in sign the register and head upstairs...mi not even siddung 10 seconds good when them send up contract fi do!!! A mean not even lil breeze off time tssssssk cho
Current time... 8:56 long raSs day. Oh yeah how could I forget the friggin truck nuh come yet and its the damn reason I had to work today >.< #FML

9:15 and I have nothing toi do -_- why di hell dem mek mi wake up outta ma bed for this shit today huh?! Tssk this is madness. Twitter mi say still. Wonder if I can find sumn to do there?
Its 9:30 and STILL nothing to do >.<
A lady with a nice pair of tits better come in here soon and calm me down <.< That's all I'm saying >.>
So I finally find something to do and wouldn't you know the damn truck come bwoy >:@ just play some need for speed enuh tsssk my life.....today can't possibly get worse -_- and by me saying that line I've basically triggered fate to worsen my day #FMFL
The only good thing about the bloody truck is that I now have a good enough signal to tweet -_-
Downloaded this thingy for ma berry slide unlock type ish yay me?
11:30 I start digest maself ya now -___-
Ugh Need for Speed Crashed on me -___- switch to Sims
Ok forget sims o_o I was playing for a minute and my wife had a baby!! And then the likkkle pickney wouldn't stop cry!! *exits and doesn't save* whew that was close...but now what do I do??
12:10 got lunch
12:15 started eating
12:16 friggin customer and on top of that she come a try hold argument wid me -_- tsssk. Still to make matters worse I'm printing her shit and the printer luu -_-
---would take too lonng to write this part right here so I'm gonna skip it out on account of that and it might confuse me and you---
Watching RED
2:45 something in ma friggin eye!!!!
Its now 3:25 Finally finish ma movie ugh geez what to do now is another matter
Ok so my day didn't turn out ALL bad after all. One of ma sexy customers came into today :) gonna talk to her later. Instant calm :) and that dress!!!! Damn!! Nah tell you her name unno too faaas!!! Move up!!!! Oh you want your time check??? 4:20 time to start count off to go home!! *sigh of relief* pity she couldn't come just as we closing tho :( ......
Anyway that's it....wait one more ting I was down the road. Note is night now and mi pass dis man all a sudden me hear smaddy say "yo" so mi look round and stop the music whe me did a play and the man have nerve fi come ask me fi hundred dolla like #wheretheydothat ??? Tssssk
Yeah mi done now....wha unno a do ya same way!!!!!
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