The Strangeness That Is Me....

100, 90, 80, 70, 60 Random Truths Stuff About Me Stuff

1. I Prefer Texting to Dialing a number and talking to you over the know...cuz im hardcore like that

2. I Despise when people call and hang up expecting me to call back, i wont do it (See #1)

3. I LOOOOVE Milk ^_^

4. I have at some point turned out to be a loner. I just love being by myself. Guess its because of the way i am??? I dont know.

5. I Love Apple Vodka >:)

6. I cannot concentrate anyone thing too long. Im easily bored

7. Short Temper, Easily Annoyed... Need I Say More???

8. You all should know this already but i prefer breasts to ass who nuh like it chuck off -_-

9. Ive always wondered about....nevermind ;)

10. I could eat lasagne everyday :D

11. It took me about half an hour to reach to #10 :( dont know when ill be finished *sigh* back to typing

12. I taught my self how to play the keyboard ^_^ i suck tho :(

13. I USED to be able to sing....but alas that gift has been removed

14. My first real kiss was at Manchester High School one evening (Nah Tell unno a wid who or when unno too faas!!!)

15. My first sexual experience was i might get in trouble for that one hehe

16. I like trying new an extent >.>

17. Im a speed freak....

18. Enjoy playing with fire >:]

19. When i have something to say i write a song or a poem :D

20. Im a shy nigga (Yeah I Said -_-) well until we get to know each other anyway #KanyeShrug. Sorta Un-Shying now still

21. I never have cheated on a girl and i dont think i will

22. I can be very moody at times.

23. Short Chicks with big breasts are my thing :)

24. I enjoy exploring the net i find rather...disturbing and interesting thing >.>

25. High sex drive... VRRRoooooooooooommmm............. :D

26. I Dont Smoke

27. I Absolutely will not be with a girl that smokes you coulda pretty till you buck!!! No Smoking -_-

28. Im tired :( this takin too long

29. Eminem is My Favourite Rapper d(-_-)b

30. I sometimes count my steps.....

31. Big Girls Need A Lil....A LOT o Loving Too!!! :D

32. I Love kids and i suppose the feeling is mutual cuz they always seem happy around me.... #DontGetItTwisted -_-

33. Sarcasm is a very nice language :)

34. I fear the unknown

35. At one poit i was addicted to gaming to an unreal not so much :)

36. I Love technology

37. I dont like country music...or maybe i just havent heard one that catches me yet

38. Rock Music ROCKS!!!

39. I Collect pictures >.>

40. Ive Never Been drunk before...i do drink tho

41. When i was younger i had a book i wrote down jokes in...i woner where it is now though...???

42. Ive never tried the not the cherry stem thing before

43. There are times when i think outside the box, times i think inside the box and times where i rip the box to shreds....

44. *Sigh* This is STIL taking too long....Anyway NEXT

45. I could count the amount of relationships ive been in on less than one hand

46. Long Distance Relationships Suck Balls -_-

47. Did I Mention that i love breasts??/ I cant bother read over and check

48. Double D's Are my favourite

49. I dont discriminate, i hate everyone equally #KanyeShrug

50. OH SHIT!! Half Way There!!!!!!

51. I have never been on an airplane :( *hides from weird looks*

52. Im times

53. I classify myself as a an extent...if thats possible
54. I absolutely LUUURV Evanessence, Well Amy Lee Anyway :) but yeah the band rocks ^_^

 I have the shortest memory span Evar!! yes, my memory is worse than the goldfish, its memory span is 5 seconds. Dont rub it in now

56. Ive always wanted to try kissing in the rain

57. Soul Music are my favourite :)

58. Based on my calculations im a hopeless romantic "/

59. I started this thing the 29/12/2010 and it STILL nuh done yet

60. I cyaa bodda do 100 hundred so satisfy wit what unno get!! CHO



  1. I just had to say it my fav point is the #21 :)

  2. thanks :$ ^.^ now if only i can find her for good this time

  3. DWL you so CHEATED! Good stuff!!! I don't know you but you sound like the male version of me almost)

  4. I didnt cheat i just created a loophole :). and if thats so i think i need to know you :)


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