The "Business" Of Love


      So you've just graduated from S.O.H.K. (School Of Hard Knocks) and you've acquired your degree, yadda yadda yadda all that good stuff. So you try to start up your own business, because you want to be an entrepreneur and shit. #OwnBossSwag 'n shit. Happens that you meet a female [I'm a male it's my perspective, deal with it] and she gives you a business proposal [See what I did there??? Proposal? -slaps knee-]. We call this proposal "The Business Of Love".

     Hope you liked my little intro paragraph, I spent a whole five minutes trying to think up how to start this thing. Moving on...

     So you may be wondering what it is I mean when I say The Business Of Love [then again maybe not, you're smart right?], so let me try to explain as best as I can.

     Love in it's simplest form is one of life's oldest business transactions, which can last from as little as one minute to as much as a lifetime. When you "Fall In Love" [Hate the term] that's basically when the business owner ie: The female, has successfully attracted you with her wonderful advertisements. You know the ones I'm talking about, if not I guess you'll figure it out when you're older [I just cant be bothered really]. Following the typical pattern, at this point you would try to set up an appointment with this business owner to talk about stuff, and things, pertaining to your business partnership.

   Now having done your interview and whatnot if she deems you worthy of her awesomeness [hmmm] then you will sign a short term contract. This contract can range anywhere from one month to a whole year [You go you slick bastard you, get some]. Once the contract has been accepted and signed, your life no longer belongs to you for the duration of that time. Having said that however, we know that nine times out of ten, this doesn't go as planned. There's always that one person who does business with an outside entity, although this is strictly prohibited in the fine print of the contract. It's known as the "No Matey Clause". Some businesses will give you some leniency writing it off as you trying to make the business more prosperous. However repeat offences may or may not be tolerated [Again, this is dependent on the business you have signed with].

     If all goes well throughout the duration of the contracts length then Mrs. President may consider renewing your contract and maybe even hiring you as a permanent business partner. This is known as "The Mrs Clause" [Yes marvel at my wonderful pun, no autographs though]. Once you've been made permanent though many things may or may not change dependent on yet again, the business you're a part of [I really shouldn't have to keep repeating this]. Changes may or may not include and are not limited to the following: Working Hours (Hours you are required to be at work ie: With your woman), Incentives (Benefits that come with being with your woman), Accounts (Your money belongs to both of you, her money belongs to her) etc. These changes and more most likely will impact your contract life severely. Whether that interruption occurs from your side or hers is out of my range of deduction, but it will occur, mark my words.

     This shall be continued in a later installment... 'The "Business" Of Love Pt. 2' see you around till then.

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  1. Nice play on the concept. Awaiting part 2

    1. Thanks Nella :) I'm hoping to see part 2 just as much as you are. Here's to hoping o don't take too long to get it done :D


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