Fat VS Fluffy/Thick (Brain Fart)

     Hello, hello... ladies and gentlemen. Its has come to my attention (not really) that some women are still not understanding the difference between being fat and being fluffy. For those who arent Jamaican, Fluffy is (as you can see from the photo to the left) "thick". You don't even have to read this post.... Just don't... Ignore it. No??? You were warned. Moving on...
     Apparently there are some women who still are lost on the concept. With reference to the photo we can see the the woman on the left is indeed Fat. Her stomach overshadows her thighs and she has a figure similar to that of an apple. She's round. Following along??? Good. Now the woman on the right is THICK!! Just look at her Bust to Hip ratio, close enough to be 1:2 where the ratio is concerned. Her stomach is not necessarily flat but it doesnt overshadow her thighs in anyway. She has a pear shape working for her. If you want an easy way to tell if someone is Fat or Fluffy the Stomach to Ass ratio is Key. Sir Fox said it himself and it is truth.

     Okay so definitions are basically finished. On to other matters. Have you heard of Miss Kitty??? "Fluffy to di world!!" .... Miss Kitty is NOT Fluffy... She's fat. I think (and this is simply my opinion) that she in all rights is okay with her size just not 100% which is why she tries to sweet it up and say she's Fluffy instead of fat. She's okay with being fat, cool, but don't go confusing people who dont know better. A certain Gordon Swaby said in a certain post

     Ms.Kitty I think yo’re a wonderful, bubbly lady with a colorful personality, but please, cut it out, stop fooling yourself and others, being fat is not cool, plain and simple. It’s unhealthy, uncool and definitely not sexy. Instead of endorsing obesity, endorse a health campaign and start a program, call it “My road to a slim and trim” body.
     I agree. Please however don't get it twisted that I'm saying being fat has an negative effects on beauty however as that is not the case. In fact quite a few beautiful women I know are fat. With that out of the way I can proudly say that I in all seriousness have a preference for females who are Thick in build. You know what they say:


     You know, in retrospect I have no idea whatsoever why I bothered to write this.... I'm probably bored. In closing I guess I can say just like how Miss Kitty is comfortable with being fat, you ladies need to stop making it out to be a bad thing. What you need to do instead is wear clothes that are made for your body type. Fat ladies should not be wearing belly skin blouses. Very few of you can wear tights, VERY few.  Stop trying to fit all the fat into clothes that are 10 sizes to small for you, its not a good look. We all know that not everyone has a choice in the matter as it comes to being fat as its genetic in some cases. Nothing wrong with that. Some of you however need to put down that burger and pick up a jump rope, do some exercise, lose a pound or two... but whatever you do don't become anorexic, that's many times worse.
Now... I take my leave...

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  1. hahaahaha for starters I'm excited that I can post!!!! Blogger sucks a little less now :P

    I like this one . some people really don't know and it's a sad sad thing!!!

    1. Pssh I can now post on wordpress so IT sucks a little less now, how you like dem apples???? :) Yes people need to know this stuff and it is my duty to educate the masses :D (see what i did there?)

  2. LOL who are you to tell women what they can or can't wear? xD However a woman feels beautiful about herself should be most important, and men too should be allowed to wear what they most feel attractive in. Fat or skinny. Sometimes skinny women wear clothes that don't fit them, why is there no complaint on that? So ridiculous and close-minded, and it's sad you single bigger people out. Thick and fat is an opinion, which means you do not get to define what it means to people. This article was horrible.

    1. I'm going to go out on a limb and hazard a guess that you are in fact a fat person. Fair enough. I never said it was set in stone that you MUST wear this and you MUST wear that I was merely giving my opinion on the matter. You can wear whatever you want for all I care if you think it looks good to you go ahead. However on a larger scale the truth is still the truth and someone who is overweight ie:fat, should NOT be wearing certain things. Yes skinny people are not exempt but this post was about Fat & Thick NOT Skinny. Get it? Got It? Good.


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