Tommy Lee and His Spartan Demons

     I told you guys before enuh. I TOLD you. Not everything you hear and see you must follow. This entertainer Tommy Lee has just like Kartel, brainwashed the Jamaican people. Everywhere you turn you see people throwing up the hand sign ( \x/ ). Mindlessly following this Gaza character (Dick Riding). I for one was not a fan from the get go.

     Tommy Lee started a whole new craze with the Jamaican people, and without even giving it a second thought they have adopted it wholeheartedly.You will go into any recent party photo album and everyone who notices the camera pointed at them immediately throws up the Gaza sign across their faces. Even in the recent Olympic games which just finished we witness Warren Weir and Usain Bolt proudly throwing it up whenever the chance occurs. This whole singing of demons and whatnot. You ever heard the saying "The more you speak of demons and devils the closer they come to you"? (Please note that I paraphrased.) It would however seem, that I am not the only one with whom this doesn't sit well. Bounty Killer had this to say:

Tired a dem now yow every man know a me say youths fi run the place, but nuh come chat nuh f****y bout freak and devil or demon, ago kill off some a dem, so when a man ago sing certain things him nuh think say nobody was gonna have a problem wid him argument dem, a when since u can just come inna dancehall and a bring een demon ppl freely so? how long we have we dancehall nice and pure mad mi mad to bloodc****, some a dem too brite and no big man inna dancehall naah stand up and tell dem say dat nuh accepted, ppl mi fight fi dancehall wid mi life and say f**k career dem naah mash it up enuh!
     Now I suppose most of you are still wondering what the problem may be. If you're not seeing the problems with the demons then maybe this will open your eyes a little bit. Now first off, we all know that Jamaica is predominantly Homophobic and no matter what laws may or may not be passed the Jamaican mindset will stand firm. So I was scrolling down my Facebook feed not too long ago when I saw an article entitled Bounty Killer Calls Out Tommy Lee. I read it and agreed wholeheartedly with what was said. Now if you follow a link posted in said article which Bounty originally tweeted, you can find some background on what exactly Sparta is all about. Here is the link: Ancient Sparta State Fostered Homosexuality. Give it a read, I dare you... Now YOU tell me, after reading that, what are your thoughts on the whole matter. This Gaza bullshit needs to stop. Imagine in Kartels case he was one of the first people to sing out against Bleaching. Lo and behold he went ahead and bleached his skin. Now we have Tommy Lee who being part of the Gaza community almost definitely fights out against homosexuals and yet here we stand with him promoting it and all the young Jamaican males are just absorbing it all. None the wiser as to what it is that they are exalting. Listen to this song....Demonic undertones everywhere and yet its one of the most played songs right now.


To make matter worse, Tommy Lee recently raised eyebrows with a recent single entitled Uncle Demon, which raised speculation about the ‘Gaza’ artiste’s style. Days later, his long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel released a track mirroring that concept dubbed, Daddy Devil.

The Songs In Question

Uncle Demon

Daddy Devil

     You all can go on embracing what you want but as for me, I will stay far from these two and their music. The way I see it they are simply trying to bring Jamaica down a wrong path. Also this type of music is simply inviting the demons to come into you. Don't believe in demons and the sort??? When they start controlling you then we'll see what exactly it is the you believe. Leave your thoughts below.

Edit: His album is titled: "The Devils Favourite Demon" ....

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  1. Agree 100% they coming down bad.things on Jamaica but im not surprised because the Bible prophecy is fulfilling....

    1. Exactly! As for the bible prophecies being fulfilled I hadn't thought about it from that angle, I probably will uncover a few more things if I look into that. Thank you for your comment :b

  2. This is actually not a joking matter it is worse then what some may think, he is with the dark and everyone who follows him is brainwashed just look in the eyes of the people in his videos-souless.

    1. Oh trust me I don't take it lightly at all. Glad someone else understands whats happening here though.


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