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    Hello again one and all. We are here once more with yet another Guest Post. The topic on hand this time around is Shackles places on males/females in relationships by their partners. This was written by none other that @SwadeDaVillain. Its short and to the point. So without further ado...

@SwadeDaVillain’s guest post on relationships (I think…)

The Villain Speaks

     Hey there, I don’t do well on intros so I’ll speak on the current. I’m here listening to Coke Boys Vol. 1 and 3 on datpiff and about to speak on a topic that @Gangstagent brought my way…

     Love and Relationships, we all have had them right? You know when two people fall in love or click and manage to develop a bond that lasts a lifetime….or a few hours...yeah, that. While many have had great, bad or indifferent ones, there usually comes a time where rules are being made. Some guys usually hear “don’t gimme bun”, “buy me roses”, “sex me every night” while girls may hear “don’t give away the goods”, “cook for me” etc., but have you ever heard the rule “Don’t hangout/speak to (insert friend’s name here) anymore”? I know I’m informal on the writing here but WTF is that about? If I have a friend from diaper days, or high school days, why should I jeopardize it to please my partner? Ok there are cases where exes become friends of your partner and you’re wary about having that person around in fearing that “old stick easy fi ketch fire” but COME ON! Lots of females tell their boyfriends never to keep female friends in fear that he MAY fall for her on a cold winter night after a fight and vice versa with males on his woman having male friends.

     This all comes from a place of insecurity, and unfairness. If I had all sorts of female friends before you, I believe I should still have those friends during AND after you. I know some partners may mean well, maybe they’ve seen that friend of yours doing something unpleasant or disrespectful to you or them but that’s where you guys have a sitdown about it….not just make a rule and expect no inquiries about it. There are also the partners that just expect to have that notion that “I have the penis/vagina, so anything I say is LAW!”…STOP IT!
     I've had my moments in relationships but I believe in equality for the most part. Women stop telling your men to stop having female friends, if it reaches to the point where YOU KNOW for a FACT that they’re doing hanky panky (people still say that?), then do what you must…burn them even (no, don’t burn them)…AND this goes for you guys too, Don’t “handcuff” your girls from her male friends, YES we know that some cannot be trusted but still you can’t send someone to execution without trying them first (ok this isn’t Judge Joe Brown).

     While I may not be a relationship expert, there are times where you must separate the right things from the bullshit and this is bullshit. Fellas if you want a good girl, be a good guy, treat her right, be straight with her….Ladies if you want a good man, be a good girl, don’t be all stuck up, don’t shit on him, don’t make him feel like the enemy. COMPROMISE, REASON with each other, TALK about the friends, you don’t have to like each other’s friends but you should RESPECT them, and more importantly each other. Focus on less stress, more sex, and a bunch of other important things.

     This would’ve been easier as a vlog but I don’t have a good camcorder (Support my blog! :D). This is the part where I plug my blog right? Well, 13th Street Promotions!!! is the site, check it out and subscribe. This is my first guest blog; I hope I didn’t suck (lol).


Mr. Editor

     And there you have it folks, the Villain has spoken. The points expressed are fully supported by me as they are the speak in a manner similar to which I would have done. Now once you've finished reading this post you should click his links and check out his blog. The name alone should tell you a little bit about what goes on over there. I now take my leave.

PS: Enjoy the pie

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  1. I like concise lol ... quite valid ... Dictation = rebellion ... Trust is key as well! Yup he summed it up soooo ....

    P.S - Nice pie

    1. I know right lol I taught him well dwl! And I'm glad you enjoyed the Pie :b


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