Dating: The Hierarchy

     "She's too good for you bro", "She's out of your league", "Don't even bother, you cant get with her...", "In your dreams..." and the list goes on. These and many more phrases can typically be heard once an average guy (such as myself) has his sights set on a girl who people deem on a completely different level than him...

     This level of being better than someone else though... How exactly is it measured??? Some of the main measurements that I could come up with are as follows: Monetary Standing, Physical Attractiveness, Fame and Talent; just to name a few. With that being said, I shall breakdown these categories in the way I understand them and present them to you. Please also note I am a male (as you should probably have guessed by now) thus, this post will be from a male perspective. If i manage to procure a female willing to give her view on things I will either edit this post or I will create a new one and place the link here. Also note that the views expressed are in no way generalizing the whole female population. Carry on.

Monetary Standing

     It is generally stated and understood that money makes the world go around. With that being the understanding I believe I would not be far off the mark in stating that; If you have money, you have power. With me so far??? Good. Now women on a whole tend to admire and seek out men with "Power" so its safe to say then, that most women gravitate towards men with money. 
     We all know that you have some people who have lots of money but they aren't very easy on the eyes, and yet women flock to them nonetheless. Have you ever wondered why this is???? Well its simple, once you have money (Power) all your other shortcomings are cast away, so to speak. You could be one of the most hideous uneducated bastards around, once your money is available in abundance, you will have no problems. Enter Gold Diggers

Physical Attractiveness

     Money aside, one of the few things that can cause a tremor in a girl panties instantly is you being physically attractive. You all know the quote which goes something like this: "If you want a Victoria Secret Model girlfriend, you better look like an Underwear Model" or something along those lines... Right??? Well guess what??? If you DO happen to have those looks going for you, even if you aren't the richest man in this solar system; Once you appear before the correct girl, in the correct circumstances at the most opportune time, your good looks will elicit the following response for your ridiculously good genes:

     Please note however that in some rare cases you may mix your good looks with being an ass-hole and still come out on top because some women are into that stuff.... strange enough. I for one cant really go in depth on that subject matter seeing that im not like that photogenic guy up there. I believe I'm lacking in the looks department, sorta like this guy here...

Moving on........


     This category is basically what happens when: your money, good looks (in some cases) and talent leave the bar go home and have raw, unprotected sex with each other. Certain females switches are flipped to the on position when it comes to a guy being famous. Females LOVE attention, and being with someone who is famous is a sure fire way to get attention if that's what you're after. Let the "fangirling" ensue. Albeit this is not such a bad thing, there are only so much and no more Famous people to go around. It is in this way that the Number one fan was born. I fondly call them Celebrity Dick Riders


     Okay so you don't have any money, you're an ugly bastard and you're sure as hell not famous... but at least you have a talent right???? Yup this category sounds just like me... *takes seat*. Talent can be anything at all so talent is unlimited basically. Take me for instance, I play the Piano/Keyboard. Ever played a love song for a girl before on the radio and felt her reaction??? Want to make her reaction 100% more potent??? Play her favourite love song for her on the Piano or any instrument for that matter... I promise you it is a worthwhile experience. Talent brings you places my friends... Talent

What Now???

     Okay so that was a brief synopsis on the way I see things, but, what now??? You have your category you fit in but it still doesn't say why a girl is too good for you to be dating her does it? Well again here's the way I see it.
     When someone says someone is too good for you it most likely means one of two things.

1. You are trying to date outside of your category: You are in the Talent category but the girl you are going after belongs in the money category etc etc etc.

2. You're dating within your category but on a different level: You are both in the money category, but she is is better off in that regard and thus is not willing to date someone who is not on her her level or above.

     You see the predicament??? This is in most cases where the number system comes into play. Ever heard a guy call a girl a 10??? (8)Shawty you a ten!!(8). Yeah, that's the number system at work. 10 being the best and 1 being... well you know what it means. It is with this understanding therefore that rules of the number system come into play. You will generally see a guy with a lets say 6 rating on the Number system dating a girl with a rating of 5 to 7. That's a guy who is within his means basically. If he tries for a girl at 8 or above the number system gives out errors and send out the bots (friends) to dissuade him from continuing with his chase by saying she's "out of his league". If he however goes to a 4 or below then its seen as the girl being just a friend with a few "benefits"... In some cases. These age old rules have been set in stone and passed down from generation to generation. With that I end my futile attempt at talking to ANYONE about dating.

Ciao - Thats Italian... Ladies LOVE Italian, or was it french.... Anyways, bye

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