GUEST POST: Mother Moon

Hello again one and all, Kaimoi is back with another poem this one entitled "Mother Moon". I hope you enjoy :D

Mother Moon

I feel a pull on my heart as mother moon speaks to the wild within me.

like the ocean tide, I am controlled by her

she pulls me
she pushes me
compelling me
to be free

I feel myself becoming something more
Something wild, untamed...
Wings matching the dark canvas that is her backdrop
Grow from my back my room becomes too small to contain me

And I break free
The yin and yang of me balances
As I become the free spirit embodying dark innocence...
Whispers come to me, names:

Buio Ami


I am all of them united as one
Each four parts of my soul healed together seamlessly...
I feel no pain, only joy, and i dance
I dance with the wind and mother moon.

She speaks to me:
Come child, you are now free
As you were meant to be.

Free? Me?

But what do I do?

The thought comes from within me:

And I do.

I fly...

Until my former prison is just a model house beneath me

I fly...

Until I kiss the clouds

I fly...

Until my body melts away and i become nothing
One with the universe
One with mother moon.

I fly...

Until my eyes snap open
And I am looking at the moon through a caged window...
The sky clears, and so does my head
For a second there I

Reality can be such a harsh thing, dear.

I am back
In my cage
In this state of constant pain
But it won’t break me, not tonight.

Mother moon will keep me safe, Bel Ami
And I will make it to morning.
You’ll see.


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