Transformers DOTM (A Review)

OMG omFg dotm was action packed! It started of post the first installment. It tells the story of what pushed man to journey to the moon and what really took place up there. One thing I liked about this one, is you actually see humans attacked. No holds were barred.
The decepticons were to be seen turning their weapons directly on the human race completely obliterating them in a single shot. The transformers themselves were seen to be bleeding or leaking as I prefer to call it. The liquid was red but my guess is it was no more than their "gas" or engine oil *shrug here* who knows. My thoughts all throughout the movie was that if I were a robot I'd probably Fap to it. It could be classified as robot porn, pure awesomeness. Michael Bay surely outdid himself with this. The graphics were on point as usual and we all know that once its Michael Bay the destruction would be extremely tantalizing and the explosions and all that jazz woul be on a major scale. He also adapted to direct 3D filming quite well. All in all it was a great movie.
Stepping away from its awesomeness however I venture into it validity for lack of a better word. What really did take place on the first lunar landing??? Did NASA actually find an alien species up there?? Or signs of an alien race at the least. If you notice in the movie when they landed on the moon one guy in the NASA base flipped a switch to disrupt the broadcast so that the people watching wouldn't see what they were really up to. Who is to say this didn't really take place??? Just something to think about.

Anyway enough of my conspiracy theory, the movie gets a solid Awesome out of 10 :) go watch it. Oh yeah my little spoiler is that Megatr*spoiler* was finally killed by Optim*spoiler* :) toodles
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  1. Yah Awesome movie@!!! Went on a date and ended up at the theatre watching it! Never really knew about transformers before that soooo I got home and watched 3 then 2 then 1... Still awesome regardless of the order you watched em!

  2. I watched em all in order i didnt too like the second one that much but the others were cool


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