Facts About Breasts

Ah yes :D we are back again on my favorite topic... BREASTS. In this installment i will share a few facts which i found on the net, so get your pen and paper and take notes....

#1. The Average breast weighs in at 1.1lbs and contains 4-5% of the bodies total fat. Note it says Average by the way :)

#2. Just like the cock/dick/penis/magic stick etc, The Floatation Devices SWELL UP when aroused. So look at it this way. If you see a woman rocking some 36C's on a normal day turn her on and those babies explode :D

#3 The Average female nipple is 3/8ths on an inch long. which is about the the height of 5 quarters stacked together...and again we meet up on the word Average...

#4. In America, the average breast size is 36C. (It was at 34B 15 years ago) :)

#5 Even though these sizes are now considered normal, in the middle ages larger wide set and more pronounced breasts were considered a fine catch and perfection. Can someone say Busty???? (I guess i was born late then....)

#6. In the year 2008, there were 307230 breast augmentations performed in the United States. It was THEE number 1 cosmetic procedure.

#7. If you are a woman and you don't want to wear a bra at all, you can go without one freely in Ohio, Texas, New York and Hawaii, if you are a male and you stay like me you probably thinking about how nice it would be to live in one of these places right now :)

#8. Surgeons tried many forms of implants before settling on Silicone such as: Ivory, Glass Balls, Ground Rubber and Ox Cartilage...those would probably feel horrendous :S

#9. Sheyla Hershey is said to have the worlds largest breast implants. She currently rocks a massive 38KKK...you know Ku Klux Klan lol 10,000cc boobies

#10 Coming in at number 10 is. If you DON'T want saggy boobs DON'T smoke. The chemicals break down your skins elasticity and make your boobies drop down low. I KNEW there was a reason i didn't like smokers, just never knew it till now "/ they destroy the boobies which i hold so dearly...

Oh well that's all for today folks tune in next season :D



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