"eX" marks the spot...

Okay if your reading this you probably have nothing better to do with your life... Like myself which is why I'm writing this in the first place. Anyway, as the topic states this post is all about your Ex. Let's begin with a story... *cue time warp fade effect*

It was another boring day at work as usual (Sat, Jun 25, 2011) when I had finished inspecting my face in a mirror, I turned around and headed back to my station and saw this short girl about this high *shows measurement with hand* and her friend walking to another section of the store. But all I really saw was two cute little asses wiggling away from me. I gave them a quick glance and sat down an continued watching family guy on my laptop. Any who about five minutes later I hear their voices get closer and notice the same two figures sit down in one of the couches in my direct line of sight. I look up and turn back to the laptop screen (peter and stewie were beating up lois). All of a sudden the tiny gears in my head begin turning and I look up once more in a quick double take. I swore down my eyes were deceiving me, so I adjusted my chair to get a better view. Lo and behold there sat my ex and this cute girl(herein after called Cute girl) I never saw before. I looked her dead in the eyes and she walked over to the other section again (Side note: She KNOWS I work here. Back to the story) At this point being the hungry belly person I am I head downstairs oblivious to the fact she's there. I went to buy a "catch" chocolate bar. (Side note: the dark catch is marvelous!!!) So here I am with my catch heading back upstairs to my post so I can finish the family guy episode when who do I chance to meet on the stairs? No it wasn't the ex sorry, it was her friend (Side note: I was planning to put another side note here but ill put it somewhere else). So yeah I'm four or five steps to the top when her friend who I've NEVER met before ups an asks me where I'm going. I had a snide remark ready but I kept it in check and pointed in the general direction of where I was headed and said over there(last time I checked I worked here). I asked her why she said nothing just hold your head straight and gwaan. This was my face >> O_o" << in my mind I'm like What the fuck is her problem? (Side note: yes here is the side note I referred to. Her friend voice sweet you fuck an she has B cups). I should also tell you the ex was standing a little off the back right of me with her back turned apparently hiding from me #kanyeshrug prolly think me a idiot -__- I go on my way and head into my office. As I entered and closed the closed the door I looked through the glass to see their next move and I see the ex trying to sneak down the stairs without making any noise and trying to contain some form of laughter. I shrug and head back to family guy. The End
Now what did we learn from this story? Well for starters she as I already said knew I was there. Why else would cute girl stop me and ask where I'm going? She was trying to make sure I didn't cross paths with missus ex for some reason. Two she obviously has something a weigh her down why she can't even face me.
Personally I have nothing against this chick. We were together we broke up simple (She does have some nice tits I miss those more than I miss her) I even have her number in my phone still. Will I call her? No. Will I text her? No. Why? Cause she's obviously afraid to contact me for some strange reason.
I'm rambling though. The main point of this post is basically: Why is it that when people separate they find it hard to contact the same person they broke up with? What do they find so hard in it? Of all my exes she's the only one who finds it hard to see me and even hail me. All the others were like peas in a pod. We get along fine. She on the other hand I think I'll have to change from an "eX" to a "whY" because I really wonder what else I saw about her that I like except her rack. Yea I said it >.> Do supm nuh!
Anyways what are your views on the subject matter??? Drop them in the comment section below. Do you think I should have said something??? Do you think I should contact her? Mark you I'm not trying to get back with her. But she must have manners -__- Shit I'm rambling again ugh. I'm done comment and follow XD
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  1. Sigh aren't I pathetic ..... well your posts are that interesting or I wouldn't STILL be on this page reading like the total nerd I am ... SMH ... Case of the ex huh! I have no clue what to say ... trying to figure out why mine acting the same way! Let it go ... past is past it didn't work out .. her loss ... the best is yet to come!

  2. You know i like you :D lol youre cool *gives gold star* And yes its her loss and im glad you find my unawesome posts so Intriguing :)

  3. lol Wow .... I didn't turn on comment subscribe hence why I'm replying weeks eh hem months later! Blame Blogspot!

    Why thank you! Quite bummed that I have no new 'unawesomeness' to read from you! But I figure you've lost the inspiration :'(

  4. No is not really Lost inspiration enuh is just that i have things to write but i dont know where to start. Have some drafts that i cant seem to complete as yet :( ill make sure i post something soon though. Make you feel better how that sound???? Give you some more unawesome stuff to read :)

  5. I know that feeling all too well! I have drafts piling up on me.... maybe getting intoxicated could help that .... but wait till sober to publish hehehe

  6. Ive never been drunk tho :( No matter how mi drink :/ so i dont know how that ago go lol

  7. ... dang it ... lol Have no other solution but all in due time .,. till then I patiently wait!

  8. well if you look really close you see i just posted something :) its not a new write but it wasnt posted here before :) so that should tide you over for tonight ^.^


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