Chivalry: Is It Dead???

     Greetings, salutations and all the other forms of hello and such you can think of, as you can clearly see from the topic of this post, we are going to find out one thing for certain; is Chivalry "dead" so to speak. Some of you... quite a few actually, dont know what chivalry is in the first place. Don’t be embarrassed however, “chivalry” is a word not often heard today, and a lot of people really don’t know what it means. Let’s define the term before we go any further so nobody feels like the class dunce.

Chivalry: The sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight (in this case males on a whole), including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.

Chivalry isn't dead. It's hanging on for dear life on life support. There are the few who still go out of their way to pull a chair or walk on the side facing the traffic and they'll open doors for you and offer to pay if you go out. As ladies we have to remember to say 'thank you' and not be so uptight and all 'independent'

  One of my females friends made that statement above. Now that that is out of the way lets get to the meat of the matter. Nowadays you will hardly if any time at all see a man open a door for a woman, pull out her chair for her and all those other niceties. So we have to wonder, Why??? Well simply due to one simple fact, Chivalry didnt die it was murdered, by women. Okay ladies take a step back, catch your breath and calm your nerves. Yes I did say you killed it and you all know you did. Why you ask?? I'll try to give you a few examples.


     John and Bonquisha go out to a fancy restaurant for their first date right. They are directed to their tables and John attempts to pull out Bons chair for her. "Nigga what you doin!!! I can pull out my OWN chair *pats weave* go sit your own ass down". After this John will never again essay to pull out a chair for a woman. -scene-

     Barry is getting ready to leave a bank and at the same time Linda is coming inside. Barry notices Linda and he (already at the door and leaving) decides to wait at the door holding it open for her. Linda notices this and continues on her way without even a thank you or some form of acknowledgement. After this happens quite a few times Barry will eventually slowly start to let them open doors for themselves seeing as they are unappreciative of his actions. -scene-

Those are just a few situations that could in fact occur out of many. Is that all there is however???? No, not at all. We have yet to touch on Feminism....


Feminism.... What is it?????

There are many differences within the constellation of ideas and groups and movements called "feminism" on:

1) What counts as unfairness, discrimination or oppression

2) What in culture produces the disadvantages women experience

3) Whether the goal is equal treatment of women and men, or whether it is equal respect in different roles

4) Which women's experiences are taken as normative -- do women of different races, classes, age groups, etc. experience inequality in significantly different ways or is the common experience as women more important?

     In other words, feminism describes a culture in which women, because they are women, are treated differently than men, and that, in that difference of treatment, women are at a disadvantage; feminism assumes that such treatment is cultural and thus possible to change and not simply "the way the world is and must be"; feminism looks to a different culture as possible, and values moving towards that culture; and feminism consists of activism, individually and in groups, to make personal and social change towards that more desirable culture.

Gentleman’s perspective: It’s gentlemanly to pull out my wallet and pay, especially on the first date. It shows I am financially secure and goes a long way to making a good impression on my date.

Feminist’s perspective: As an empowered woman, I can pay my own way, thank you very much. The man reaching for his wallet is an indication that he thinks I can’t take care of myself. (Who Pays????)

Gentleman’s perspective: Opening the door for my girl or helping her carry her shopping bags is my duty as the stronger sex.

Feminist’s perspective: Call any woman “the weaker sex” and see how far that gets you. I am fully capable of opening my own doors and carrying my own bags.
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With all that being said can you seriously believe that men had any role in the death and Anhialation of Chivalry??? Or maybe thats going a bit too far. Let me go as far as to say chivalry is in fact not dead as my friend quoted above said, but in all actuality is hanging on for dear life. Some men even though women pay no gratittude towards them still perform some acts of chivalry. I for one will hold the door open for women. Beleive me when I however that VERY few women will actually go out of their way and offer up a  thank you. I guess in closing we could say Chivalry is the equivalent of some rare breed of animal on the verge of extinction. Chivalry also -lowkey- causes a disease known as Friendzoning

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  1. 1) Your female friend is pretty smart :P
    2) Well said I do agree with you. 'we' have a great part to play in the decline in this grand gesture that has been in existence for centuries!

  2. I figured youd say as much lol and im glad you agree.

  3. Love the this post, seems that we're on the same page here

    1. Thanks chica and yeah i believe we are.


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