God Complex (Brian Fart)

The God Complex

Time Paradox
     Ok so this post is completely out of the way crazy, just thought i'd get that out of the way from now. So in this post we will explore a certain theory which all boils down to the simple concept of "Who Came First" you know the classic chicken and the egg tale?? Yeah so lets jump right into it.

     Ok so lets start from the beginning. "In the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth.... and god created man in his own image..." clearly states that god was here first right???? Good. Now here is where the theory begins. So lets say one day in the distant future, when technology has become vastly more advanced than it is today, researchers and scientists have finally been able to replicate the human structure from scratch. In so doing the begin to yearn for more knowledge. The knowledge that is, to create an all powerful being or a god. But the thing is they want to make this 'god" from one of their bio-engineered humanoids...and succeed??? What exactly do you think would happen? Well for starters it would most likely try to eliminate the "god" which is currently in power so it can take its place as the all powerful. Secondly it would want to eliminate all things created by said god and create its own paradise and start a new beginning. Where there is no evil in the world. So it goes and eliminates our god, jumps back in time to do so, plunges the world into judgement thus cleansing the universe of us and then starting over with his paradise... he begins with heaven and earth. What this is basically saying is the judgement is a cleansing and a point in time where we in essence, start over. The big bang scientist speak of is in actuality, the point in time in which the judgement occurred and the previous existence of the human race ended and where the new one began. So ultimately this process, in my opinion (although this whole post is my opinion lol), will continue until true perfection has been achieved.

      Now if we take a step back to the future a little we would most likely pick up on something. Man creating god right? In the same breathe we know god created man. So where did this loop of creation begin???? Its like I said in the beginning, it all boils down to who came first... The chiken or the egg. In this case, humans are both chicken and egg, the same goes for god. Who knows for sure though? That's for you guys to figure out.

I now bring this short post to a close. You may now return to your regularly scheduled waste of time.

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