Tricked By The Government... But we already knew that

After watching that video your eyes should have been opened to a few things.

1) The existence of the N.W.O. or New World Order.

2) We are born into debt and if nothing is done we shall continuously repeat the process of being born into and dying in debt.

3) The government does not care about the people.

Now even though you might be saying this has to do with america and does not pertain to Jamaica or whatever country it is in which you read this post, you should really stop and think for a second. Every time the american currency fluctuates so does ours. Te constant influx of their currency into our system is simply helping to secure the position required to institute what I believe is reffered to as the One World Currency r something of the sort. This is basically money still printed by the federal reserves but it will be used worldwide. All other monies will be rendered useless. From watching this video as well you see where it is said that the more they print, the more in debt we go. The more in debt we go is the more we need to borrow. So it comes back around full circle that we borrow and thus they print more, forever ensnaring us in the cycle. You will also notice that this is basically saying that you are technically no richer today than you were yesterday or the day before.... as money consistently loses its value the more of it they introduce into the system. What we need to do is fight back against this "New World Order" as JFK did. They control our money they are trying to take over our information with Internet Censorship and pretty soon if we dont do something about it they will control our very existence. Open your eyes....



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