Bitch Please

Written By: Brady A. Brown

Bitches on my dick bitches on my dick
I don't want any fucking bitches on my dick
I need a woman a lady in the streets
To come home from work and freak me in the sheets

Fuck a bitch fuck a ho
and just so you know
A bitch is a dog
are you down with that bro?

A bitch may pretty on the outside
but her personality may be ugly and spoilt
Safe to say any which way you fuck her
it'll still be doggy style
Think about it for a second

Yes a dog is said to be man's best friend but in the end
even though on some ends its a trend can you defend sleeping with a dog in your bed

Didn't think so
You think I'm wrong?
Didn't think so

You say you you're a bad bitch
You apparently need training
Bitch sit!
Walk away with you're tail between your legs
You and your, Nicki Minaj mentality
"I'm a bad bitch I'm a I'm a bad bitch"
Makes me sick
Bitch be tripping slippin up
I call you a bitch and you acting up
But put a bad on front and its obviously enough for your mind to accept
Bitch please


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