Written By: Jodi-Ann Riley

Sweet ending, O I love thee...
Ridding my blood dry...
Taking my breath into your mouth
And sending me to die.
The passionless pain you cast away
And fill me with your lust...
Sending me six feet underground
Where all I taste is dust.
The sweet taste of seduction...
Bleeding with sweat.
I celebrate this day -
"The anniversary of my death".
Tender hands stroke my skin
Making me gasp and moan.
Such pleasure is endless
And never leaves me alone.
Massaging my tongue to ecstasy...
Boiling my blood with spasms...
Hitting my body till I quake
And blessing me with orgasms.
O death do I love thee!
When will you cease to hide?
I want you always near...
So here's my suicide.

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