GUEST POST: Misunderstood

Written By: Britton Wright

I'm sifting through parts of myself 
With the aim of finding the source that fuels this wealth 
Of misconstrued illustrations 
Because its distorting the interpretation 
Of my communication. 
I often give compliments which are in turn 
Wrongfully discerned as disrespect. 
I need to fix this mess 
Because its responsible for many a relationship's degradation. 
Its so elusive,these lucid elucidation. 
Quite frequently the pictures I've painted 
With words are tainted 
And heard as if they'd been submerged 
And stirred in a pool of water 
Which ruins their sense of order. 
Sometimes the fault is the tone of my voice,
Verbal mistakes or a distasteful choice of expressions 
Which leave bitter impressions in their wake. 
Either way,my social life is at stake 
And if I don't take this seriously and start planning,
I'll end up panning my lenses 
Curiously wondering why my friends have all walked away furiously. 
Clarity sometimes betrays me like a ship's crew commits mutiny 
And it causes my train of thoughts a great loss of unity. 
I've gotta do something about this before they read my eulogy 
And it definitely requires more than sitting here staring foolishly. 
It's gonna take a great deal of practice to not suck and become good 
But if that's what it takes I'll just have to do it because I'm sick of being misunderstood.

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