The Perfect Mate...

     Every person alive has their own specifications as to what their perfect mate should be like. Sadly we don't live in a perfect world, it is however Ok to dream is it not? So today as you should have already guessed I'm going to be sharing my ideals when it comes to the topic of "The Perfect Mate".

     So like I said the following particulars are what would be considered [from my perspective] requirement for the perfect mate. Note also that the following are placed in no particular order of importance.

Enjoys Games:

     Yes you read that right; A girl that I can play games with and be competitive would be a wonderful thing. I am a big fan of gaming and I can already imagine "Zeroing" many a game while playing co-op with my significant other. 
NB: For those who are out of the loop "Zeroing" in the simplest of terms,  means completing the Games Storyline.


     Now who wouldn't want someone with whom they could share a laugh or two with on a daily basis? Hell it would be great if I could find one who enjoys playing pranks. That would most definitely be the Icing on the Cake so to speak. A playful relationship will always be interesting in my opinion. Seeing that keeping things interesting run parallel to keeping your relationship intact, then this is definitely of high importance.

Family Oriented:

     I see myself as being a family oriented person and thus I know for a fact that I eventually want a family of my own. So it should come as no surprise therefore, that I want a female that wants to have children. In that same breath [though I really shouldn't have to say it] Marriage will not even be an option. We WILL get married.


     When I say Intelligent I don't necessarily mean that she should be able to compute difficult algorithms and equations at the snap of a finger. What I mean is simply having her wits about her, being at least knowledgeable to a certain degree. She should also have the ability to hold a decent conversation that doesn't include simple things like fashion and make-up and her favourite actor/actress etc. Also she should type like a second grader on crack. Example: "Wwwhyyy wud yew doo disz tUh meh biIH lolzs Io FWY no mO breh". I HATE it when people type like this. It is literally one of the most annoying things I have ever seen.

Ability to Cook:

     Yes I LOVE my belly and she should be able to make me a satisfying and good tasting home cooked meal. To clarify, I'm not saying her place is in the kitchen, I'm simply saying she should at least be able to do so. I for one enjoy cooking so she wouldn't necessarily be cooking 100% of the time. I would gladly cook for whoever it is I end up with. However I don't plan to be with a woman that cant cook and wants to order out on a daily basis. It just wont work. Lexxus said it best.


     A woman who knows how to get shit done without absolutely NEEDING me to be there every step of the way. Don't get me wrong however, I am not saying that I don't want to help out any at all. What I'm getting at is simply not having to hang over her head dictating her every move. She should be able to make her own money so that if I cant provide her with it at a given time it wont be the end of the world.


     My list would remain incomplete if this wasn't included. Everyone who knows me should be able to tell anyone else how much I LOVE breasts. Thus it literally should not surprise you that I would want a girl with an ample amount in the breast area!

Junk In The Trunk:

     Seeing that I'm more a fan of breasts than ass I find it a bit surprising myself that this is on the list. Not withstanding that fact, I still wouldn't mind her having even a little bit around back to grab from time to time. 


     To finish off my list, I have to say a girl who is spontaneous would close the deal for me. In a sense this could go hand in hand with Fun. Spontaneity can also [and hopefully it does] be applied sexually. I leave you to interpret that as you will. All in all a girl that will randomly choose to get up and go somewhere or do something out of the blue. That is an exciting trait to have and one I could definitely live with. NB: The picture does not NECESSARILY depict my exact thoughts on the matter

Final Words

     So in closing all I can really do is emphasize yet again that what you have just read are MY thoughts. You may see things differently from me or you may have a few in there that you agree with but this post is from my point of view. I should also state that these may or may not be all the traits I look for. If I decide to add more then I shall make a Part 2 to this post. So be on the lookout, until then however, what are YOUR particulars when it comes to the perfect mate?

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