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Nicki BEFORE she became Nicki

     Hello one and all whoever you may be. While derping around on teh interwebs, I happened to come across some talk about white people calling black artistes sell-outs, as well as the whole debacle about racism. HipHopFightsBack fought back with an expose on Nicki Minaj and how she has "influenced" music and hip-hop. I thought I should share this knowledge with you all. I shall link you to the original post at the end. So without further ado here's Nicki...

Nicki Minaj is a sell out…there, I said it. I guess that makes me a racist.

     You might not realize it, but only a few years ago Nicki Minaj dressed in street clothes, wore baseball caps, and actually sounded real damn legitimate. As you can clearly see in her grossly under-viewed video for her song Dirty Money. She was then taken in by the mainstream music industry (aka Young Money), and knowing real hip-hop culture can’t sell on the radio like flashy bullshit can, they turned her into this fake piece of shit. As fake as Rick Ross fronting the persona of a drug kingpin, until of course 50 Cent uncovered the truth and called him out on it.

     Let it be noted however that I'm still cool with Rick Ross. Every Day I'm Hustling is one of the best hip-hop songs about drug hustling ever…as ironic as it might be. I'm not a real fan of his or anything, but he’s definitely released much better music throughout his career than Nicki Minaj.

    Regardless though, if you change your core persona, what makes you who you are, solely so you can better sell a product, you’re selling out…..but I guess since I have less melanin in my skin that automatically makes my opinion wrong and racist.

     I honestly gave her a real chance when she first came out. I tried hard to find true artistic talent in her music…I literally listened to every song she had…but after only failed attempts I had no choice but to deem her an uncreative, unartistic, ignorant chick that’s only famous because she’s a very attractive woman with a commanding flow. Other than that, she’s just a hollow shell with well produced instrumentals at her disposal. I don’t mean to hate just on Nicki, since there are obviously tons of other artists that would fit the description of my previous sentence, but she is unarguably the worst artist ever to be as famous as she is. She has millions and millions of fans and billions of youtube views. If she isn't one of the greatest threats to hip-hop’s culture, I don’t know what is.

New, watered down Nicki

     Just imagine though, instead of YMCMB taking in Nicki and corrupting her career, Black Hippy recruited her when they were first getting their shit together. Her whole pop thing wouldn't exist, and she’d actually be spitting intelligent verses (Kendrick certainly wouldn't have it any other way). She would actually make songs that talked about the many struggles she faced throughout her life, which she had a lot of, but for some reason she has never made ANY emotionally profound songs addressing her history. As everyone knows, Young Money isn't about meaningful shit like that. As Killer Mike pointed out in his song Reagan
“So it seems our people starve from lack of understanding, cause all we seem to give them is some balling and some dancing, and some talking about our cars and imaginary mansions. We should be indicted for bullshit we inciting.”

     She cheated young women out of having an insightful hip-hop role model like males have with Common, Nas, Kendrick, or any of the many other intellectual hip-hop scholars. Hip-hop is void of any well known female hip-hop artist currently making music that doesn't spit bullshit (I'm EXTREMELY glad Kreayshawn's joke of a career died along with her equally dumb fan-base). This is a serious problem in hip-hop I'm addressing. I desperately want there to be a legitimate female presence in hip-hop, and Nicki Minaj is anything but legitimate. She assured that she’d become a disgrace to all music once she greedily signed herself away with her YMCMB contract.

     I mean, just imagine if she was in fact inducted into Black Hippy around the same time of the previous video I mentioned, and she passionately sharpened her hip-hop skills with the likes of Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar. Imagine if she did Gun Play’s part on Cartoon & Cereal instead of Gun Play, but had a hell of a lot more profound shit to say and her flow was impeccable. It would possibly be one of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time. She had the capability to be the undisputed queen of hip-hop, and she decided to sell out and make watered down bullshit rather than true audio art. Now she’s just a piece of shit, and anyone who defends her desperately needs to expand their musical horizons. This means you and the whole racist Nicki Minaj fan club you’re so actively apart of.

     With all that being said and done, what do you the readers have to say about this whole thing? Who do you believe is right?


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