The Cell Phone Saga

     Welcome one and all to yet another post by the awesomeness which is Alwayne. So today I signed into my blogs backpage and saw a couple post from other blogs I follow. One of them came from Mamachel which further led to this link over at IslandVibesMag. So I with my inquisitive self decided to read the post in question and had the need to make my thoughts known. So what say we listen to what the awesome Alwayne has to say? Yes? Ok, lets get right down to it.

     So reading her post over at IslandVibes I was in total agreement with what she was saying. So instead of doing a complete overhaul of said post I shall [for the most part] simply do a slight recap with some of my own input here and there. Why? Because I'm fancy like that.

In My Own Words

     So it is widely known that cheating is a widespread phenomenon and that one of the most sure fire ways of catching a cheater is to go through their phone right???? As a general rule of thumb females are more susceptible to temptation of phone searching. The sad thing however is that when they find what they are looking for the get even crazier than normal. A wise person [name slips my mind right now] once said: "Seek and you shall find". So if you go searching through their phone with intentions of finding some sort of evidence to implicate your significant other, you WILL find it. In some cases the evidence is not really there BUT because she already has him pegged as a cheater just the slightest little wink in a message will put her over the edge.
     It is at this point where many people wish they would have had their phone locked. This locking of the phone is a double edged sword when it comes to relationships. Why? Well simply because in the first instance it protects your private data from prying eyes. Alas it also fuels the curiosity of those wishing to see what you are up to. So they will essay to find more ingenious ways of breaking into your phone.
     So should you go over the top to protect your secrets? Damn right you should! After all, you can be sure she has secrets she would rather keep under lock and key as well. I mean think about it right. Generally, anyone who continuously suspects someone of cheating, must either be used to it and knows the signs OR they are as big a cheater as anyone else and of course know the signs as well.

Mamachels Thoughts on why Phones are USUALLY Locked

It holds important information – Cell phones hold everything from bank applications to passwords and even journals. People hardly write down stuff anymore; nowadays they tell Siri and she puts it away neatly. Not everyone is comfortable with their partner having access to such vital information.

Private Conversations – Often times, the information being protected has nothing to do with the protector per-se. For instance, I talk about a lot of things with my female friends. They tell me things in confidence and, because I don’t want to break that confidence, I keep those conversations private.

Shady McGrady – Texting only when you are not in the room, hanging up as soon as you walk in, speaking in code. And on the off chance that you see the screen when someone texts or calls you see a strange codename like McDonald’s Parking Lot or Walmart; you and I both know the parking lot is NOT calling your significant other. Despite many arguments to the contrary, this is a real reason that people are over protective of their phone. Though it is not the only reason, it is a plausible concern.
Setting Boundaries – Sometimes a person just doesn't want to share. No ulterior motives other than they just want to set a boundary: this is mine, that is yours and there is no need to overlap. If you are with someone like this, I suggest you pay your phone bill promptly so you never have to ask for a call.
All said and done I am in agreement with her. She makes very very valid points. So how do we prevent people from invading the inner sanctums of our Cell Devices??? Continue reading.

App on Lockdown

     So for all who did not know, in this day and age yo can lock select app on your phone. So you can lock your photos, messages, IMs, everything and simply leave your phone safely alone while you take a shower or whatever other task you have at hand. Their prying eyes wont be able to get into any of them. Unless of course you're a dumb ass and use a password that they can easily figure out OR they are some sort of tech guru who does password cracking for a living. Any way here are 3 apps for the three major smartphone of the generation.

BlackBerry App Lock: For all you mindless users of Blackberry here is an app to lock all your specifics.
Password Protect Unauthorised Access - Lock BBM - Lock FaceBook - Lock Apps - Lock Media - Lock Pictures - Lock Videos - Lock Messages Mails SMS - Ultimate App Lock with Maximum App Lock Features

iPhone AppLocker: For all you apple fanboys (& fangirls) here's an app that Password protects all your Individual iOS applications.

Android APP Lock: Hail the mighty droid. Protect your installed applications using a password or pattern! APPLock, Easy and Strong application lock tool!

Moral of the story??? Don't go through peoples private things if you cannot handle the consequences they bring. That is all.

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