GUEST POST: Dear Departed Love

Dear Departed Love
Written By: Ornella Green 

Where hath thy love gone?
Our journey together has come to a climatic halt.
No longer am I rolling around in your bed and resting on your pillows.
Nor are we curled up on my couch
Watching movies that bring out a myriad of emotions

Instead we are stuck in this limbo plane
With no sense of direction
No idea of the path
We are to take and land in our destinies.

We stand still gazing out into the horizon
Forgetting to blink and breath
We stand on opposite sides of the same intersection
Not daring to look at the other

For fear of crumbling to our needs for companionship and love
Fear that it was wrong and we should still be
But the hurt is still on the surface

We dare not to look at our reflections
Lying in the water puddles below our feet
Because we don't want to see
The broken versions of our former selves
Staring back at us


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