The Job Hunt Continues...

     As many of you may know by now, I am currently unemployed. If you didn't know this already then now you know. It is not the fact that I am unemployed that we are speaking about today however, it is the fact that no jobs are forthcoming...
     As it stands at this moment, I have been out of work for close to 1 year now and it's not to say I have not been searching for a job. No at all. I have in fact been searching for a new one since the day I got fired from my previous place of employment. So what is the problem???
     Like I said, its been nearly one year now. Ive been on different websites Ive been out and about searching in earnest for something new, but to no avail. The things is there is really only so much that you can do. Its probably safe to say that where I live (Mandeville, Jamaica), I have been out to almost every business place and dropped off an application. Ive gotten a vast minority of them calling me for interviews. Most of the job postings I find online catch my eye and they seem very promising. Alas, once I go in and read the job description, I see around 80% of them state that owning or having access to a reliable motor vehicle is a must. Out fly my hopes and dreams. I have no car, I was fired just as I was finished saving up to buy one. Thus my money saved helped me to survive while I have been on the hunt.

     Seeing that I have expired all hope of getting a job in my area, I ventured out to other parishes, namely Kingston. Taking into consideration that I have to be using money to travel to and from there. Now I have sent multiple emails to various establishments in the Kingston area and I have gotten a few Interviews which went fairly well. I didn't get those jobs however. Cool. My problem here is that for the ones that I didn't get, the interviewers all said they would call back or get in contact with me or something of the sort. They never did, I was left to assume that someone else took the position or I was not up to their expectations. Its bad enough that I travelled all the way out there for the Interview spending the money and everything. You could at least get back in contact with me and say "No you didnt get the job, here is why..." or something along those lines, and no, this has nothing to do with shortlisting. I already DID the interview so getting back in contact with one of the select few should pose no problem to you. Moving on.

     I'm now wondering what else I can possibly do. I have no visa so I cant just get up and go abroad and try my luck. Even if I was to apply for a work visa it is not a sure thing so that might end up being a waste of money which I don't even have right now. So I am currently in between the fabled rock and a hard place. Cliché but it works. One things I notice time and again however and its something I mentioned in a previous post... or at least I think I did, is the fact that most of the places which I have applied to and not gotten the job are places being run by dinosaurs. Meaning people who have been there for years on end probably about to kick the bucket any-time soon. These people are LONG overdue for retirement but what do they do??? They stay on hogging all the jobs and young, energetic males and females of society are out struggling to find the next dollar. Those overdue retirees have long since lived their lives and are preventing us from starting ours. I don't care what anyone wants to say I believe there should be a law that prevents you from working after a certain point. (Your comments on this would be appreciated). Once you've reached a certain age, whether you want to retire or not, your time at an establishment should be forcefully terminated and your contract ended (With at least a years given notice of course). As for the government, I'm not versed on the way these things work, but if they are with-holding visas from people who are trying to better themselves by going abroad to work rather than sit on their asses, the should at least make jobs available. If not, free up the visas. Lastly, people need to stop hiring based on links and start hiring based on what is presented to them. Some of the people hired through links have no idea what they are doing whatsoever. They are just robbing their "links" of their money so they can sit all day staring into space. While that's going on people who can do better are rejected. Do better.

This has been a short rant.

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  1. What can i say, i know all this too well...being in the situation numberous and has given me a few bouts of depression as well...i had one incident where i gave someone who knew my family well a job letter and behind my back she discarded it...some links work but some are just bs...and the old heads who hog all the jobs are the reason for the hike in unemployment rate...smh...nah go rant too much, i can relate

    1. Why she just discard it like that though??? It doesnt take much to just drop a letter onto a managers "IN" pile smh. That was low of her. As for these old heads, they NEED to go.


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