GUEST POST: Pleasure of The Tease

     Hello one and all, Yes I havent posted anything for awhile. Dont blame me, blame my mind for not coming up with anything interesting or not being able to complete the drafts I have. Anyway, moving on. Today I have another poem for you all from the lovely Deanna

Pleasure of the Tease
Written By: Deanna

Sweet sickening pleasurable demise
How I like to see when you cry
Due to how hard I bite on your inner thighs
A game I play that shows all sides
Of the truth to what we are
The kinda passion that leaves behind scars
The idea of near death a possible mutual interest of ours
I'm only joking
My sexual satisfaction does not go that far
Handcuffs and blind folds
The sting of leather and scented oils
A constant moaning and writhing
Fist clinching and lip biting
Hair pulling, toes curling, eyes rolling into the back of your head
Climaxing- an all night thing
Its not just sex when your with me
Nor would I even call it making love
Its more along the lines of breaking the bond with your inner child
And inviting risk taking, life embracing
Heart racing ..that palpitating
Carnal and rejuvenating
Sound barrier breaking
Into a world that you thought only existed in dreams
But realistically lies within my sheets
Oh how I bet that now you can't wait for me to tease and please
Caress your needs until you break
The rhythm of your breath beginning to shake
I could write forever about what its like to become intimately involved with me
But unfortunately the picture I just painted is all you're gonna get to see
...maybe : )




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