GUEST POST: Black Woman

Black Woman
Written By: Britton Wright

Black woman, mi nuh see wah fi stand next to yuh.
African gem, di man dem heart haffi strong fi step to yuh.
Yuh dark brown skin rich and supple like chocolate.
Fimi heart yuh set ablaze wid yuh majestic ways.
Mi coulda speak of yuh essence fi days and it wouldn’t do yuh justice.
Yuh muss be a musket because yuh shot.
Black woman, yuh hotta dan a African Serengeti.

Mek mi try express di monumentally essential beauty weh yuh possess, cuz yuh a di embodiment a my happiness.
Mi love di texture and feel a yuh hair cause it real…natural.
Nutn nuh fake bout yuh.
Woman yuh lovely as yuh wake up and yuh nuh need nuh make-up fi arrest mi eyes.
Right now mi wish mi hand dem coulda be di dress weh caress yuh thighs.
No lie. Sweet black woman, yuh soul warmer dan di outside of a cup a tea.
Yuh existence nuh trouble-free but despite how di dutty tuff yuh nuh give up because yuh strong.
My heartbeat mek a song every time mi see yuh smile.
Pride a di motherland, from a mile away di luminance of yuh eyes coulda light di way to truth.
Black woman, yuh a my past, present and future.
Yuh represent sooo much to da yute yah.
Mi nuh have nuh time a waste man.
Mi love yuh widout hesitation an my mind stuck pon your station.
Mi nuh need nutn else. Mi a stay pon your frequency cause mi admire yuh decorum and decency.
Yuh sweeten mi…soul.
Mi waan hold yuh foreva!
Black woman, mi wi neva stop admire yuh sexy walk an di bold, eloquent way yuh talk inna every conversation yuh spark.
Yuh a my African treasure.
Yuh beauty knows no limit or measure.
Your hurt is my pain and your joy is my pleasure. Black Woman.


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