GUEST POST: Forever Love

Forever Love

     This poem was written by [I assume] Britton and Kaimoi. It is after all a poem for two. Its entitled Forever Love and is about just that.

Forever Love
Written By: Britton & Kaimoi

Kaimoi: Do you believe in for ever love???
Britton: An undying never sever two souls together love?

Kaimoi: Love that'll never ask why, wont cry, doesnt tell lies that truthful love?
Britton: That night time, can i hit it in the morning love?

Kaimoi: Like me thinking of you thinking of me wanting you to love yo more kind of love?
Britton: You know? That chilling in the recliner love?

Kaimoi: With the one you know your hear and bodily parts was designed to love?
Britton: Breakfast in bed love while getting your legs rubbed?

Kaimoi: Roses and your XBOX controller cuz I wanna kick ass in Halo 3 with you kinda love?
Britton: Yeah? You know? The finer love?

Kaimoi: The cuddle together like two birds of a feather on your leather couch slouched watching anime like a pair of mindless minors love?
Britton: That washing each others back sampling classic tracks be it Soul Hip Hop or Rock we locked together love?

Kaimoi: Yeah, I feel you
Britton: That different kind of love where we whine and rub before we know it i wake up to you wearing my T-Shirt like the rebirth of sexy God damn you fine will you be mine to love?

Kaimoi: Mine to love whenever I feel like it
Britton: When I feel for it I dont have to wait for it just roll over in bed for it call it euphoric 

Kaimoi & Britton: Weve got the kinda love.


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