GUEST POST: Munchies

     Ok, so I happened to be absent from the Open Mic session to be present for the reading of this particular poem. From reading it myself however I definitely know it was an event which I wish now that I had attended. This poem was written and performed by two lovely ladies; Deanna and Brittany. When going solo they both are pretty bad-ass with their word schemes but together they are Beastly! No more talking, I give you "Munchies".

Written By: Deanna & Brittany 

Like my reaction toward warm, fresh out of the oven brownies sitting on a counter
My tongue begins to water for you
I've got a lecherous taste for your body nude
Like relentless Munchies kicking in at Midnight.
Just as one's stomach growls for the receiving of food,
Thought of you inside
My walls gripping you tight
My girlhood trembles for the receiving of your treats
I could feel the blood rushing down to my clit as the urge becomes stronger.
God I can't wait till we eat
I'm not in the mood for pizza, chips, chocolate, or even ice cream
But I do have a voracious craving for something even better...
Like the taste of your sweet white cream.
I'm insatiable. 
Hand yourself to me on a platter, and let's give it all we've got.
I'd lick your sweet body until you can't take it any more, 
Like a kid eating candy until their teeth start to rot.
Turn off all the lights, light a candle, and drip the wax on my tummy 
All the way down to my lower waist.
Devour in between my other lips 
Until you're licking the wet remnants of my sweet taste
I love how you've studied my body; knowing exactly when my legs are going to shake, 
Knowing when I'll moan, my grasp on reality about to break
Its like that feeling you get after a couple draws of that good stuff
The Munchies, they're such a bitch- making you restless until your stomach is filled up
My taste buds long for the sweet remembrance of your skin
My mind enraptured by the idea of you being the sweetest taste of sin
Parched I am of your sex and hungry I am for your bed
These Munchies I have for you won't allow me to go un-fed
So what do you say I take another bite of that brownie 
While your hands press harder into the back of my head : )


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