Relationships: "Clingy" Significant Other...

     Hello Ladies & Gents, boys & girls, welcome to another Relationship instalment. All this coming from the guy who cant seem to hold on to one so you KNOW its the good stuff :D. So anyway if we go by the topic above (and we always do), today we will be taking a look at Clingy Girlfriends/Boyfriends.

     Now before I begin let me break something down real quick. When someone is Clingy, it means basically that they are in the simplest of terms, Jealous. This simply means that they fear losing you. So there's nothing wrong with being a little clingy, its when they don't even care that you should worry. Now into the meat of the matter. I shall be going about this from my perspective by the way so make adjustments for your situation if you need to lol.

     Most of you reading this (maybe not) have probably been in a relationship where the person wants you to be in constant communication 24/7. If you have, then you already know that its impossible right??? Try telling that to them. In their minds, if you're not talking to them every hour of the day, then you don't love them any more or you have found some one new. Before I even go any further... here's something you should listen to. Females typically like to think that guys are ass holes and whatnot but after listening to this you can actually see why in some cases its quite fine. Please note its sort of long...

Crazy Lady 

     So now that you've listened to that clip lets move on shall we? Now although the people spoken about in the clip above are not in fact "an item" you can see how annoying Overly Clingy females can be. So in essence what can we deduce as being a sign of Clinginess ?? The need for a constant stream of attention, overly jealous, etc. As with clingy however Jealousy is both good and bad. You can sort of say they go hand in hand. So what is Jealousy?

     Jealousy - to be fiercely protective of, afraid, suspicious, or resentful of rivalry in love or affection.

     They’re only clingy because they don’t want lose you. I like the feeling knowing that someone cares. They talk to you 24/7. They put you over everything. They would do everything they can just for you to stay. I mean, who wouldn't want that? Yes everyone wants something along those lines. However, you ladies need to understand that its a two-edged sword. Yes being a little jealous and clingy is all that and a bag of chips but doing it too much will eventually push someone away. I've had my fair share of those brand of women and like I said, it didn't last long. What do I know though huh??? I don't know the first thing about keeping a relationship so maybe everything I just said is total bull. Carry on with your ways. I bid you all farewell.

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  1. well wasnt total bull. clingyness is pretty awesome both parties just need to know how to keep it in check because at the end of the dya i rather have a clingy girlfriend that i have to tell to gimme some space than have a girlfriend that I have to schedule attention from.

    1. That does make the most sense the way I see it. With that said I guess I spit more than nonesense every once in a while then lol.


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